If you are reading this it is because Malta is marked on your map as your next destination, congratulations because you have got it right! Beaches with crystal-clear waters, cliffs where you can take photos with your colleagues and that will be the envy of everyone on Instagram, diving among starfish and coral reefs and at night… partying! So that you can carry the best beaches and coves in Malta controlled and do not lose a ray of sunshine, we bring you our favorites. Now we only have to know which one will be the one that will make your trip an unforgettable memory, 😉

Blue Lagoon

Located on the island of Comino is the wonderful Blue Lagoon, one of the places with the most crystal clear waters in the entire Maltese archipelago. To get there, you will have to take a boat: they leave from both Malta and Gozo and are quite frequent since it is one of the most visited places by tourists. If you want to have the best photos, we recommend that on the day you reserve to visit you get up a little early and be one of the first to set foot on the island. Its beach is made of stones instead of sand, so the best option to not miss a corner of this wonderful beach is to see it by boat.

 Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

If you are looking to spend a quiet day, with azure blue waters in the background and white sand, you have found the ideal place. It is not a very big beach but it is the paradise of relaxation, and here you can spend hours and hours lying down sunbathing. In addition, its waters are usually quite warm so bathing is a pleasure. After reading this, don't you feel like going there right now and forgetting about everything?

Dwejra Bay and Azure Window

This spectacular beach is located on another of the most famous islands: Gozo. If you are used to going by bus from one place to another, be prepared not to get off the boat! Right next to Dwejra Bay you will find Azure Window. If you were already amazed by the previous visit, this one is going to blow you away! Do you remember the famous Dolce and Gabbana advertisement in which there was a boat and waters so blue that they seemed like fiction? Indeed, it was recorded here. And this is just the beginning!

Ramla Bay

Another of the essential beaches on the island of Gozo. With reddish sands, it is the largest in the place but not the busiest, quite the opposite! Prepare the towels, the beers, the mats, the paddles... and enjoy a great day at the beach! If you want a little more movement, you will have beach bars to have a snack with unparalleled views. Right next door is the Cave of the nymph Calypso: a kind of cave in a cliff very curious to see.

Gharsi Valley

Gharsi Valley is located north of the island of Gozo and It is an ideal place if you have thought about diving. It is a kind of cut in the land that gets larger as you get closer to the coast, with caves on the sides. You can find all types of marine fauna, from starfish to fish of all kinds, don't forget your aquatic cameras at home!

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto or Blue Cave is a cliff with completely blue waters in the lower part of which six caves have formed, hence its name. You cannot finish your trip without sailing through them: their rocks are covered in corals and you can even stop to take a bath. You also have to go up to the viewpoint located at the top, we are sure that some of the most beautiful photos of your trip will be taken here. Swimsuit and sunscreen in hand, we're going on a hike!

St Peter's Pool

This small bay is located in the town of Masaxlokk, in the south of the island of Malta. Before, this place was a kind of secret that only those who lived in the area knew about, but in recent years it has become quite famous so don't be surprised if you are not alone. St Peter's Pool, It is full of eroded rocks that create a most unique landscape that you can use as a springboard. No vertigo, one jump and into the water!

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