A delicious paella, a little tan, an unbeatable climate and views that will leave us stunned, that's right. Valencia and that is why more and more people choose it as a destination, whether for a longer trip or a getaway. And since we don't want to miss any of its corners, today we have chosen to go to the heights and review our 5 favorite viewpoints in Valencia. Who's up to discover them?

What better way to discover Valencia in one day that going even to the highest corners of the city?

1. El Garbí Viewpoint

Valencia is a city that we can discover both from the heights and from each of its hidden corners and charms.

He Garbi, not only is it one of the best and most famous viewpoints in the Valencian Community, but it is also considered one of the great wonders that the Parque Natural de la Sierra Calderona. This viewpoint can be reached by car, bicycle or hiking and once we arrive, we can enjoy impressive views of the Sierra de Irta, Oropesa, El Puerto de Sagunto and the Mediterranean in the background.

2. Albufera Viewpoint

If we are looking for a viewpoint that will leave us speechless because of how beautiful it is, then we have to go to the Albufera, located 10km south of Valencia in what is considered one of the most wonderful and largest lagoons on the peninsula. Additionally, if we are lucky we will be able to see a diversity of migratory birds.

3. Jalance Viewpoint

From the mountain to the best beaches in Valencia, this trip is going to be a complete non-stop.

He Jalance Viewpoint It is like a balcony overlooking the valley and from where you can see the town of Jalance in a spectacular panoramic view, exposed like a sticker. Accessing it is a little more complicated than normal, but even so, every effort is worth it for the views we end up getting. Furthermore, if we want to see more places, very close to this viewpoint, we will find the Jucar Canyons, another of the great ones on the Valencian coast. 

4. Monduver

He Monduver It is a mountain range located in the southeast of the province of Valencia, in the Safor region. Its summit is 841 meters high and is located between the municipalities of Xeraco and Xeresa. Furthermore, if we want, we can climb to its summit using a paved road. From above stretch the magnificent Mediterranean beaches of Xeraco and Gandía, and it is possible to enjoy magnificent views of Cape San Antonio, the city of Valencia and, if the day has good visibility, the island of Ibiza.

5. The Berengers Viewpoint

He Berengers Viewpoint It has become an exceptional viewpoint, especially for its castle. Of course, do not expect a large viewpoint, or a stand where many people can fit, since this corner is small, in fact almost intimate, to be able to enjoy the views calmly and not lose any detail of the Ciutat Vella.

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