The Hidden Charms of Valencia

Valencia has something special! We don't know if it will be its people, its culture, its food... or maybe the hidden charms of Valencia, but every tourist who comes to Valencia for a day, repeat trip to this city. Whether it is the first time you travel to the city of orange trees or if you come every summer or in Fallas... are you sure you know everything about Valencia?

Even for Valencians, many do not know what secrets their streets hide, their legends, their authentic culture, or what time and current culture have generated in their neighborhoods. Many times even for a Valencian, Valencia still has its secrets.

Discover the hidden charms of Valencia: Tell us your favorite!

The Valldigna portal

This portal was built with the aim of separating the Arab area from the Christian area, in the year 1400. It remains intact even over the years, without a door and perfect. This place is an iconic site for Valencia, since the first printing press was built right next to the portal.

The palace of the Marques de dos Aguas

This palace became National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts. It is a palace where the most prestigious people in Valencia once lived, but now it is a place of pilgrimage for all those who love baroque architecture, decoration and sculptures, you cannot miss this place on your visit.

This building is unique in many aspects, but the most interesting of all is knowing that this palace was built on top of an ancient Roman necropolis.

The street of colors

In the heart of the Carmen neighborhood, we find Moret Street that has completely changed, why? Because a photographer came up with the fantastic idea of washing the face of that street, filling it with color and stories. There are several Valencian artists who joined the photographer to carry out this task, the walls of Moret Street are authentic works of art.

If you pass by there, I'm sure they won't leave you indifferent, in fact you'll be photographed with them. Do you know which is the most famous wall? That of a couple kissing #kissmevlc. More than 60 meters of stories to tell.

There are streets of passage and a street where everything happens

The Garden of the Hesperides

Do you want a quiet and unknown place? The garden of the hesperides is your place. It is free to enter, and is located between the old bed of the Turia River and the botanical garden, on a street with little traffic.

You will find a green space, full of life, water, mythological sculptures, cats... It is a place where you can find peace.

The glass room of the Valencia City Council

This crystal room is amazing. What stands out about this room without a doubt is its enormous lamp that creates a luminosity in the room that looks like something out of a princess story. Currently it is used for official receptions or Fallas events. The elegant aura that it shows, alluding to a Renaissance dance hall, takes you back to that era. Now you can visit the town hall of Valencia inside and discover the different rooms there are.

The gardens of Monforte

If you are looking for peace and tranquility, this garden shows it to you. Come at any time of the year, with your partner, alone, with the dog, with whoever you want! It is the perfect place to disconnect from the city and have a small corner where you can enjoy the tranquility, the silence. You can wet your feet in a fountain that looks like a water lily, observe the different statues or even take a photo session. It's a garden of dreams!

The old chapel of Alfonso the magnanimous

Do you know the Cultural Charity Center? Well, within this center there are various buildings, key elements in the history of Valencia. The Alfonso el Magnanimo room, hidden among the Etymology Museum, keeps great secrets, especially those that affect its construction.

This curious and beautiful hall for music, concerts and various activities was formerly a neo-byzantine chapel. That is why its golden decoration and color contrasts will make you look everywhere and want to walk through all its hallways.

St. Nicholas Church

A church known for years but that hid a secret as immense and beautiful as seen in the photo. The painting of the St. Nicholas Church It was covered and after years of restoration it has been able to come to light. Incredible, amazing, impressive... there are no adjectives to describe it.

Many go to Rome to see the Sistine Chapel, we Valencians have more cachet, we have our own. The small Valencian Sistine chapel, as it has been nicknamed, leaves no one indifferent.

Am I the only one who thinks that the painters left their eyes here?

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