Do you know the wonderful Malta? If the answer is no, what are you waiting for? Start preparing your trip to Malta now! Pack your bags because summer is here and there is no better destination for your vacation than this one. Let's say it's the European Caribbean: crystal clear waters, dream landscapes and lots of partying. You can not ask for more! Once you get there, you have millions of activities that you cannot miss. Which one will you stay with? We warn you that it will not be an easy task 😉

Boat party

boat party in Malta

We couldn't start this list with an activity other than the boat party in Malta, since it is the one that demands the most.

After a morning walking the streets of the island of Malta, enjoying the hotel pool or its beaches... The party begins! Four and a half hours aboard a boat with the best music of the moment, a DJ and many more surprises! No matter how much you dance, we assure you that your mouth will not go dry because you have an open bar! There will be no time for that itch either, since you will have pizza and fruit so that your strength does not run out.

Important note: Don't forget your swimsuit! You will make a stop to see Crystal Lagoon, Blue Lagoon and St's Paul's Islands and you will have time to take a dip.

On your return, and without the music stopping playing, they will serve you some dinner so that you arrive at the port with energy, the night has only just begun!

Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon Boat Tour

Another activity that you always ask us for: the boat excursion to Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon. We will tell you and you will understand why.

The ship leaves first thing in the morning, so everyone up, we don't want anyone to stay on dry land! The morning will be very relaxed, with time to sunbathe from the deck or take a dip in the crystalline waters that bathe these two islands. You will also have the opportunity to discover the beauties that are hidden at the bottom of the sea by doing snorkeling.

At midday, as you will surely start to hear your bellies growl, you will make a stop to eat as much as you want from the cold buffet. After recharging your batteries, the party begins! A boat, music and an open bar of wine, beer and soft drinks, while supplies last!

Tour of the capitals

Prepare your backpack and camera because you are going to tour the capitals of Malta! You will have time to go shopping, get to know each of its corners and fall in love with some of them.

The day begins in Valletta, where you can take the opportunity to do some shopping, but don't dawdle too much because it is a beautiful place that is worth visiting. In the afternoon you will head to Mdina, one of the medieval cities that inspired the well-known series Game of Thrones. The fall of the sun will take you to the Dingli Cliffs so you can enjoy an impressive evening.

We are sure that many of the photos you take will be postcard-perfect and we… want to see them all! 😉

Bus tour Malta

If you want to take advantage of one of the mornings of your trip to tour the island of Malta from north to south, don't think twice. There are stops throughout the island, so you will be vYou yourselves will mark the route, going up and down wherever you want.. Can you think of a better way to cross the island and discover all its secrets?

Sicily in one day

Excursions in Malta: Sicily in one day

Since you are so close, you can't miss the opportunity to get to know Sicily! And the beautiful Italian island is just 90 minutes away by ferry! There a bus will be waiting for you to take you to know all the secrets that this place hides. You will begin your trip through the streets of Catania until you reach the Etna volcano, where you will stop to eat with amazing views in the background. But if this seemed nice to you, wait until you get to Taormina because here you will enjoy other views that will not leave you indifferent either, can you choose between one or the other? We do not!

Boat travel

Malta boat trip

Taking advantage of the fact that you are on an island, what better way to get to know its surroundings than on board a boat? You have them of all types and for all tastes: from visiting the main ports of Valletta enjoying the Maltese coast to Gozo or Comino.

On some of our tours there will be stops so that you can cool off at sea or enjoy the best water activities: jet skis, diving, snorkeling... which one will be your favorite? If you have waterproof cameras, it is time to stick with them, since you are sure to find some fish that catches your attention due to its shape or colors and you will fall in love with the reefs and starfish.

Boat, sailboat or catamaran, sun and unique views, any more ingredients to make these trips perfect? Of course! Depending on the trip you choose, you will have an open bar of drinks or lunch/dinner to the sound of the waves of the sea. Ready to board?

Diving baptism

Do you want to get started in the world of diving? Malta is the perfect destination for your first time. It is amazing to see all the marine species that can be discovered at the bottom of the sea! With the help of professionals, you will learn to breathe underwater and different techniques so that everything goes smoothly and you enjoy your moment to the fullest. Here we go adventurers!

underwater safari

How many different kinds of fish will you be able to recognize? You will surely lose count of the infinity that exists under these waters. Another different way to get to know Malta that, of course, you cannot miss. You will discover all the marine fauna that these waters house, from fish to coral reefs, beautiful! You will always be guided by professionals who will teach you how to do it and so you don't miss a single detail. Ready for the submersion?

Safari Jeep

And another experience only suitable for the most adventurous is touring Malta or Gozo by jeep. In Gozo you will stop in Mgarr, Qala and Nadur among many others. The excursion lasts a full day, so reserve the day, and the adventure begins!

Snorkeling Safari

On this excursion you will spend no more and no less than 5 hours getting to know the bottom of the Comino sea, including the Blue Lagoon. You will also discover the Santa María Caves, where the possibilities are endless and You will find all types of marine fauna: from octopuses to fish of all sizes. It is worth leaving fears behind to live a unique and different experience, in an equally unique setting: the wonderful island of Comino. Beautiful landscapes, an almost transparent sea and millions of fish are waiting for you!

Visit to Gozo

Do you want to know Gozo? A whole day touring the island from end to end: Marsalforn Salt Flats, Calypso Cave, Azure Window, Inland Sea and Victoria. We assure you that there will not be a single corner that you have not passed through. So grab your camera, the sunscreen and put on comfortable shoes, let's go!

Visit to Comino

It was the turn of Comino, another of Malta's jewels. You will be picked up and taken from the port of Cirkewwa, from where you will take a boat to your destination. Once there, they will leave you free time to get to know Blue Lagoon at your leisure, you will surely love it! And that's it andOn the return trip, You will pass through the south to visit its caves from the sea. You also have the option of going to St. María Bay, where you will see all its cliffs and caves and will leave you time to eat on its beaches. You do not miss the hype!

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