That big day is approaching when you have to organize your best friend's bachelor party. There have already been a few ahead and Are you looking for something different, special... What do you think of a bachelor party in Europe? If you organize it in advance you will have a great weekend plan in which you will have a great time. Fasten your seatbelts because we're taking off!


Our colleagues at DespedidasPT organize the best bachelor parties in Portugal.

Our neighboring country is in fashion! It has many good things and, among them, is the party. You will have options as different as Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, where the activities to choose from are very, very varied and adapt to all types of tastes and styles: from vVisits to wineries and wine experiences, boat trips along the Portuguese coast or a grand party with barbecue includedFor the most daring, very close to Porto is the longest zip line in Europe 😉

It is always a good time to escape to these farewell cities, Lisbon and Port They are in full force from the month of March to the end of October, however, the best season to go in the Algarve  It is in summer, starting in May the first boat parties begin and the atmosphere begins to emerge until October. It is the perfect time to enjoy its beaches.


Surely on more than one occasion you have already named the city of Amsterdam as your next destination, and this city has something magical that attracts everyone. It will be its canals, the tulips, its number of young people walking through the streets, the red light district or its endless parties. Amsterdam catches!

In this city you can constantly enjoy culture and parties, the atmosphere is always lively and it is the destination of many farewells from all over the world.

We recommend you rent a private boat to get to know the city from one point of view, because there is nothing better than sailing with friends while you drink some Dutch beers.


The popularity of this capital is growing like foam and it cannot be for less! If your ruin pubs They were an attraction for the long nights of partying and the spas, places of rest, with the sparties the concept of relaxation and party have become an inseparable couple. Who wouldn't love to celebrate their bachelor party in Budapest?

When we arrive in Budapest any pub will be good to start the night and, of course, Szimpla cannot be missed on our tour. The next morning, so as not to mention it, you can explore the city walking through it and then prepare for the evening based on your planning: From the boat party to the spa parties to having your feet on the ground all night firm, yes, dancing!


After two nights of partying, you well deserve some rest and relaxation. We propose a final touch: Spend the day in the largest hot springs in Europe. Seen this way, this bachelor party in Bucharest doesn't look bad at all, right?

For many it may be an unknown city or one that you have never considered at first. Of course, we promise that once you try it, it will be your favorite destination to celebrate a bachelor's party. The plan? On Friday when we arrive we will go have some cocktails with which to warm up our engines and start the party. The Smârdan street will become your best ally and Romanian liqueurs will do the rest for an unforgettable weekend marked by partying, laughter and good vibes.


We know that the German capital is the best-known destination for bachelor parties, but Hamburg is no wonder. Is a perfect city both for its leisure offer and for the pocket. Those who seek party atmosphere you will find pubs and clubs in which to start and continue the party until dawn.

To recover from the weekend, on Sunday it won't hurt to take a walk around the center where you can take a photo and show how well you've behaved.


We all know this city culturally and touristically, but have you considered celebrating a bachelor's party there? Czech nights can be very unpredictable and you can finish (or start, it all depends on taste!) dancing on the bar of Bar Coyote in the purest style of the movie.

In addition to its large number of pubs in the center, rock lovers You will have a few joints dedicated exclusively to you and continue with the largest nightclub in Eastern Europe. Do you want more? Well there is! If you think that beer is the drink of the gods, this city will have you hooked from the moment you set foot and with just one route you can taste up to 4 different types depending on the cereal and fermentation.

And if you are one of those who cannot imagine a farewell without a boat party, don't worry, because Prague will not disappoint you.

7 tips to organize a bachelor party in Europe

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