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In spring we continue with our route through the North of Spain. We want to introduce you to one of the most charming cities in our country. A mix of stateliness and modernity, a city awakens all year round with a large number of cultural events, with a university of great international prestige and the best place in the world to eat rabas. If we also tell you that it has 11 beaches and one of the most beautiful bays in the world, get ready to enjoy a day with the magic of Santander.

From the experience of having lived for three months in this endearing place, where in summer the city opens up to the world and in winter its nature remains even more beautiful, we have prepared this route for you influenced by the love of many people who welcomed my stay. .

In the morning

In the morning the best plan is to take a good walk. We begin our adventure in Piquio Park on Avenida de Castañeda, is the point that separates the beaches of Sardinero two (on the left looking at the sea) and the Sardinero one. You can enjoy both beaches by walking along the shore or along the promenade. The views offered by the Cantabrian Sea are spectacular, you can always see a merchant ship and how the sky merges with the horizon.

We continue our way towards the Magdalena Palace. On this map of the city you can see the route that we have prepared, although following the promenade we arrive directly to the center. For lovers of bikes, Santander offers bike rental and we can take them at both Sardinero 2 and the Palacio de la Magdalena. The promenade also has a wide bike lane, so on foot or on two wheels there are no excuses, let's continue with the march!

As soon as we advance a few meters we can enjoy the Gran Casino Sardinero, whose design is a sample of the urban lordship of this area of the city. Continuing along the promenade, the next stop is undoubtedly one of the jewels of Santander, the Magdalena Peninsula. Entering the enclosure will take you to enjoy a unique natural environment presided over by a palace built in the 20th century between 1908 and 1912.

The challenge will be to reach the palace, because be careful! It is located at the top of the peninsula and the climb is quite hard, although there is also the option of taking a little train that makes the same route, while explaining the history of the palace. You can follow the road next to the sea or ascend a path through the forest. Although it is longer, it is worth walking along the road, seeing the beaches of Camello and Bikinis (the best if you want to take a dip) and continue with your ascension.

Before reaching the palace there is a curve where you can enjoy one of the best views of Santander, the photo is a must: Mouro Island and the Cantabrian Sea in perfect harmony. The palace can be visited (here we leave you the schedules), take the opportunity to take a walk around its surroundings and enjoy all its views. But this is not all Magdalena still keeps one more secret, a part of our history. As we descend the road we will find a replica of the three caravels with which Christopher Columbus discovered America. There is also a zoo where you can see sea lions, seals and penguins.

We say goodbye to Magdalena to return to urban Santander. Here you once again have two options, the walk along Reina Victoria Avenue where you can see the stately houses or fill your feet with sand and take a wooden path in the Beach of Dangers (ask to get it from the beginning). Without a doubt, the walk along the beach will allow us to enjoy a special aroma and feel the true Cantabrian climate. On this route we will find the Cantabrian Maritime Museum, for those who are passionate about the sea. But don't worry, the good thing about both paths is that they take us to the same area of the city. Puerto Chico.

In this area you can enjoy a small port where there are many small boats and a sailing school. Without leaving the sea, you have to continue along the promenade and without realizing it you will be in the famous and emblematic Pereda Walk. In one of its corners you can take a very original photo (you can send it to us) along with the raqueros. A monument that consists of the figures of four children, who jumped into the sea to collect the coins that curious onlookers threw.

Now is the best time to take a break and enjoy typical Cantabrian cuisine in the purest Santander style. We recommend the “Source Of Winery” where you can choose between Lebanese or mountain cuisine. However, if it is too heavy for you, you can opt for their huge portions and skewers, and don't forget to try their own wine. The quality, price and environment of this small place are essential for your visit!

The best restaurants in Santander!

In the afternoon

The best thing after a copious meal is undoubtedly an excursion. The one we propose combines the necessary relaxation and the beauty of seeing the city from another point of view. In it Pereda Walk next to the sea you will find a small Mansion. There you can buy tickets to take one of the boats that cross the bay of Santander, it is very cheap and really worth it (Here we leave you the prices and schedules). You have several destinations, the most beautiful are Puntal and Somo Beach. The boat takes about 30 minutes to reach Puntal and 45 minutes to Somo. Take advantage of either of the two destinations to get off and take a walk.

Back in Santander it is time to enjoy the city, the good thing is that you have everything really close. Although you can't enjoy everything in one afternoon! If what you want is to continue walking you can visit the cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and enjoy the new Pereda Gardens along with the work of the Botín Center. There is also the possibility of enjoying a cultural show, Santander is a lively city and offers many events throughout the year (here is the agenda). You can even spend the afternoon shopping at the Burgos Street. But really what we recommend for the afternoon is to enjoy the city's leisure.

We suggest you take a route so you can try the flavor of Santander. Starting in Porticada Square You can sit on one of its terraces to listen to the rhythm of the city. The next stop is the Eastern Market, the best tapas, especially the rabas in the city (although also the most expensive) can be enjoyed in an environment that will make us travel through history. You can take advantage of this market to buy typical products such as anchovies.

It doesn't matter how you enjoy the afternoon in Santander, but you should end it with a beer or wine in Cañadío 

Santander gets dark, its streets become bright, but the city does not sleep...

At night

If you are still hungry despite the skewers, you have many bars where you can enjoy some good fried food. You can continue celebrating your friendship in Cañadio, as the night progresses it gets more and more crowded with young people or you can walk towards the La Pila River. On this street there are pubs and clubs.

Don't worry about how to get back to your hotel if you have to sleep, Still don't know where? Here you have our hotel search engine. There is a taxi rank at the beginning of the street and they will take you to your hotel quickly and cheaply.

For the most romantic or those who prefer to keep a memory of Santander forever, you can take a taxi and visit the area of the Mataleñas lighthouse. There is a small beach to which you can go down a path, or we can stay at the viewpoint and contemplate how the Cantabrian Sea turns its waters into silver as it merges with the moonlight.

We hope that this last postcard has completely captivated you and that you think of Santander as one of your next destinations. We encourage you to give us your opinion. Any recommendation?

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