Guide to Enjoy Failures and Not Die Trying

Fallas in Valencia

These last three days of failures put an end to a week of continuous partying. A party in which the noise, the dancing and the food turn Valencia into one of the best parties in Spain. Here are some tips to survive failures.

Forget about sleeping during these days. You better make friends with firecrackers and don't be scared, by the second firecracker you will have gotten used to the noise. Since you won't be able to sleep, start each day with a good Mascletá at 12:00 in the morning in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, You won't have a better alarm clock! We leave you this video of the Mascletá on March 8 as an example.

Also forget about healthy food, but take advantage of good food, beers and wines, not to mention drinks at the best price. The good weather invites tapas that are welcome at any time of the day.

The flowers and Fallas costumes dazzle the visitor who comes to the Fallas for the first time. If you arrive at the Plaza de La Virgen you will find yourself squarely with The Virgin of the Helpless. On the last two days of Fallas, the Fallas make a flower offering with a parade through the streets of the city that ends up filling the statue of the Virgin and her flowered cloak with color, a spectacle that excites any visitor, we assure you!

If you are not very fond of hustle and bustle, take these days calmly because you will find people at all hours everywhere. And if you want to experience an authentic fire show, go to the Carmen neighborhood, in the heart of the city, where street artists illuminate the Valencian night. Have a few dances at the festivals that you will find in each of the squares in the neighborhood that during these days give the city its popular touch. You won't be able to resist the pasodoble or some sevillanas.

You can't miss the penultimate day of Fallas The Night of the Foc, one of the most impressive pyrotechnic shows in Spain and which lasts a full twenty minutes. If you are from outside, just follow the river of people that will lead you to the city's promenade between the Flower Bridge and the Exhibition Bridge. We whet your appetite with this one video of last year's Nit del Foc.

On the last Fallas Day, you can't miss the Cremá de la Falla of the City Hall at 1:00 at night. During the Cremá the finish spreads throughout Valencia. So we recommend you grab your backpack now and go enjoy the last few days to the fullest.

And the best of the failures? Get to know the people. Don't be shy and dance with the person next door at the festival, share a beer with one of the many foreign tourists who are in the city these days and who will probably have been partying all week, and, along the way, learn something of Valencian. Since you are next to the sea, take advantage and have a good paella, and if the weather is good, finish with a dip in the sea. There is no better way to end the party!

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