Bachelorette Party Costumes

It could be the character that you hate and abhor the most, the one that made you dream as a child or your favorite childhood character... there are a thousand ways to dress your friend on the day of her farewell. We tell you the tricks of our #funplanners and the final result with these costumes Bachelorette party. We hope they serve as inspiration for you!


Bachelorette party costumes

Land to port! Is the bride a lover of the sea? Well, it's very easy for you, a beach spot and a sailor hat in sight. An outfit that you won't go wrong with. You only need a striped t-shirt with the sailor colors: white and blue. Amanda celebrated her bachelorette party in Lisbon in true sailor style with a sailing trip on the Tagus River, and what a time they had it!


Bachelorette party costumes

Original and fun, here you go 10 ideas for a bachelorette party very TOP!

Nuria's friend is a fervent beer lover. That's why they had no doubt when choosing the costume for the bride at her farewell: Duffwoman, what better idea? They spent a bachelorette party beer weekend in Granada and dressed in the most original, I'm sure that some free round fell to Duffman's wife!


What are women dressed as cowobies doing in Marrakech? Well, it's going to be, a bachelorette party! There is no more original place to escape, even if the outfit surprises passers-by. They only needed a cowboy hat accompanied by some jeans to parade through the mosque during the bachelorette party in Morocco in true cowboy style, and what a time they had it! It is one of the best bachelorette party costumes.


What if your friend goes to live in another country? It's clear! Blend it with your culture. Our #funplanner Mar went to live in China, how could they not disguise her as Chinese? Furthermore, the more different the culture is, the easier it will be to disguise it. Mar spent a weekend dressed as a Chinese girl (with makeup included) accompanied by her friends during her dandbachelorette party in Salamanca. Imagine the culture shock with the Salamancans!

What did you dress your friend up as for her farewell? Tell us via Twitter with the hagstag #funplan 😉

If you are still not sure how to dress up the bride, take a look at the following costume ideas for bridal showers.

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