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A Bachelorette Party in Madrid in a Day

Well yes, my friends are starting to get married. I've reached the age where children are around the corner and weddings are on the agenda. Of course, celebrating the wedding without first having the bridal shower would be like letting half the party slip away. For this reason, this past weekend, eight friends took to the streets of Madrid to experience a day that has become memorable.

Pre – Farewell

Bachelorette Party Costume

The date

Just two weeks ago we bought the plane ticket to bring our friend from Toulouse to Madrid, an epic adventure with many discussions to try to determine the best date. What happened in the end? We spent a lot of money on a ticket just a week before the date, thank goodness we shared the gift among all of us!

The disguise

 Once the ticket has been purchased, the moment of confusion arrives, how do we dress up the bride? Luckily, we have a girlfriend with a story behind her that deserves to be told and gives us a lot of room to think about a theme. He has lived in three different countries and visited the most unusual and spectacular places on the planet. From New York, through Thailand to classic Vienna.

Born in Romania, she met her current partner, an Argentine national, in Barcelona while she was living in Cáceres. He is a referee, she is a doctor.

The best costume for her was without a doubt dressing her as the quintessential Argentine character and ball professional, Maradona!

This is how we received it, banner in hand, team shirt, cap, national flag and of course, a good afro-style wig.

The farewell

In the morning

Gymkhana Farewell Madrid

Landed at 2:45 p.m. on Saturday we headed towards the canes, some of us had not seen it for more than a year! We had some portions at the La Buha Taberna, in front of the Mercado de la Cebada in the heart of the Latina neighborhood, there is no better place to have a beer! Incredible by the way, the number of goodbyes there were per square meter.

We crossed paths and agreed to at least 20 farewells in a single day.

An omelet stuffed with caramelized onion, a cheek and some Iberian and boletus croquettes along with a few beers were the perfect ingredients to fill our bellies and take to the streets of Madrid. From La Latina we went down to Plaza de España where we began a mini gymkhana for groups In the center.

In the afternoon

Bachelorette party in Madrid

Do you like gasoline? This was the key phrase with which the bride guessed, by pure luck! who was our entertainer, hidden among the stalls in Plaza de España. Dressed as a referee, she subjected us to the first warm-up of the afternoon (although we were already quite warm): a human tower with the bride on top.

We gave each other the most ridiculous names that stayed as our nicknames for the entire day (mine was Barnacle) and after singing a war cry, we divided into two teams and began to look for as many kisses as possible among the young girls in the Plaza. The objective of the gymkhana was to get the greatest number of points by winning the tests, sometimes as a team, sometimes in pairs and sometimes individually.

The poor bride was tackled, asked if her hair was natural, took a photo for social media and got a napkin with a dedication,

All of this dressed as Maradona, like a champion!

There were even some who mistook us for real Argentines. We ate a sweet without hands, we did a relay race answering questions about the bride (she was really bad there), we managed to barter among passers-by, dress up to party by sneaking into stores and fry a fried egg thanks to the kindness of the Madrid hoteliers . The cheerleader meanwhile slipped away from the group and we found her again thanks to the clues she gave us before leaving.

At night

Night fell when we went to the bar to regain our strength. In this case it was the turn of the classic Los Amigos, near Callao, where the shots of Jägermeister put us in the mood again.

We had dinner at Gaú&Café, one of the trendy places with a menu for groups at an affordable price. The only negative point was the time. The rain did not allow us to enjoy the incredible views from its roof, one of the most beautiful in the capital. Open bar of wine and beer accompanied by some luxury starters: hummus, foie wafers, eggplant and zucchini. A tabbouleh salad left us full and the Lamb Gau Cus (Cus-Cus) and Cod finished the job. Well no, rather the dessert table that they served us at the end along with the coffee finished it off.

We didn't think about it for a moment, the place to have dinner and have a few dances was without a doubt Morocco, where great songs from the eighties play non-stop. There were at least three more farewells giving everything, and we couldn't be less.

At 06:00 we decided it was a good time to go to sleep. At 11:45 a.m. on Sunday our friend was already heading back to Toulouse, until our reunion in Romania, where the wedding will be held, but that's another story.

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