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Amsterdam bachelor party

Every farewell is special and one of the most important details is the place where it is celebrated. Because each place keeps a secret and for once in your life when you get married, you have to say goodbye to being single in a big way with an unforgettable party. That's why we tell you which are the best destinations to celebrate your bachelor parties and what to do in each of them.

Fun farewell in Madrid

Fun gymkhana in Madrid

The capital offers you a very glamorous bachelor party. A city connected both day and night so you don't stop for a single second. What do you think about discovering this city with a fun gym during the day?kana full of excitement and laughter?

Then it will be dinner and Madrid has some restaurants spectacular where in addition to dinner you can have a great time with shows of all kinds. The night is long and Madrid's nightclubs are the perfect setting to extend your party until your body or your boyfriend can last.

Farewell by the sea in Barcelona

Paulo Ribeiro - Sailboat ride through Barcelona

Sophisticated, avant-garde and cosmopolitan. An exclusive city to make your farewell unforgettable. Farewells in Barcelona have the aroma of the sea, so during the day the best option is to do some activity on a boat, you can choose from a sailboat ride to a barbecue on a catamaran. We promise you that it will be a magical party to the rhythm of the waves that will end with the sunset as a backdrop.

Your farewell will continue through the seaport or in the city center with the best dinner packages, have a great time with shows that include stripper performances and entry to the best nightclubs. Without a doubt an ideal destination to create unique memories.

Valencia for young farewells

Bachelorette party in Valencia

A city with a young spirit. What can you do in Valencia? During the day the fun is at sea, aboard a boat or catamaran with parties with food and drinks with a DJ. At night the city comes to life and the clubs offer the best atmosphere to complete a perfect bachelor party.

Ibiza, the perfect farewell

Who hasn't dreamed of celebrating their bachelor party in Ibiza? The European party capital has the best parties, trendy DJs and unique nightclubs. Boats, beautiful people and an open bar, a plan where party and fun go hand in hand. We can tell you little more about Ibiza except that those who have experienced it know this unmatched sensation.

Porto for dizzying farewells

Bachelor party in Porto

But if you want to travel around Europe, we offer you a tour of reference cities where you can celebrate your bachelor parties. We start with Porto, a destination for the most adventurous. If you like doing activities with your friends, here you have something to choose from. You can slide down the largest zip line in Europe, be launched by a large slingshot or settle pending accounts with an exciting paintball battle. At night the city will welcome you in its best clothes, after an exhausting day. How about enjoying a typical show to discover Portuguese culture?

Lisbon, cultural farewell

The city of light awaits you with a dream farewell. During the day you can discover the city with a fantastic peddy paper (treasure hunt), from the taste of a beer with a ride on a beer bike or by sea and land from a boat-bus. At night, a dinner with sea views and an exclusive walk to a booth at the fashionable nightclub in the Portuguese capital will make your farewell an unforgettable experience.

Albufeira, classic farewell

One of our favorite destinations. Because? We tell you in three words: beach, sun and party. If you are looking for one of the most natural environments, Albufeira, located in the Portuguese Algarve, is the ideal destination with an incomparable setting surrounded by beautiful beaches.

During the day you can celebrate your farewell in style on a barbecue cruise or a party with a DJ on a boat. Bring your swimsuit, with the good weather you will want to take a swim. If you still have energy left, you can complete your farewell with a little game of paintball, in a privileged environment. The party continues into the night, the best option we suggest is to choose one of the clubs like Kiss, a reference in the area.

Amsterdam, capital of farewells

Amsterdam bachelor party

We take the plane to land in Amsterdam, the fashionable city in Europe to celebrate farewells. Perfect to enjoy all its ingredients in this destination. You have many options: from a tour to see the coffee shops, a boat ride to see the city and its canals or for beer lovers, have the opportunity to see the Heineken factory. The night continues with a route through the best bars and entry to a nightclub. Without a doubt a magical farewell in a privileged destination.

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