Now that you are starting to prepare the trip of your lives, you are wondering, what are the best destinations for an end-of-degree trip? Where to go? Choosing the place is one of the main problems you have when organizing a trip of this type. We know it very well! Every year we see this problem with our groups.

That is why we have written this post, to help you clarify your ideas regarding destinations. We hope that it is as useful to you as others that we have written previously in relation to this type of trips, such as tips for organizing an end-of-year trip or some Ideas on how to finance the trip.

And no, we are not going to go easy, telling you to travel to the Caribbean. Without a doubt a great option, but surely you already know it well from other friends who have gone. No, we are going to talk to you about 7 destinations that for us (and, above all, for our groups) are wonderful and in addition to being very original, they have the seal of The Fun Plan 😉

1. Malta

malt, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is undoubtedly one of the star destinations for a university trip. An island with a beautiful historic center, with lots of partying and full of young people. Good weather and lots of things to see and do. You can check it in this post that we have written activities in Malta.

In our university trips to Malta we already include some of these activities. What do our groups like most? In addition to the fact that we give you everything done 😉 and that it is very well priced, that there are direct flights from several cities in Spain, that the accommodation is in the center in all-inclusive and that the destination is very cool.

2. Gran Canaria

We continue through another island known worldwide as it is Gran Canaria. We apply the same travel philosophy as in Malta (direct flights from different parts of Spain, transfers, a very well-located all-inclusive hotel, cool activities such as the boat party and much more) and our groups also show the same philosophy: fun is guaranteed. Because let's be honest #ladistancianoloestodo

You can see what we are talking about in our end-of-year trip offer to Gran Canaria.

3. Ibiza

Are the Balearic Islands less than the Canary Islands? Nothing of that. Ibiza, uno de los destinos mundiales más visitados, la capital de la fiesta, la isla donde se concentran las mejores discotecas del mundo, donde se dan unas spectacular sunsets that can be enjoyed in such mythical joints as Café del Mar. That island where every day you can go to a different cove, thinking that that day's is better than the previous one. That's why every year more celebrities go to enjoy their vacations on the island.

In short: if what you are looking for is for the party to be above all else, a destination full of adrenaline in which every day is unpredictable, then your final trip has to be in Ibiza.

4- Budapest-Vienna-Bratislava

The video is one of the best examples of what our #funplanando represents: traveling and getting to know the world in the most fun way. The Budapest-Vienna-Bratislava trip is that. Pure action. Non-stop adventures touring 3 Eastern European capitals full of life and a young atmosphere, which are university cities for that reason.

Together with Berlin-Prague-Budapest, it is the most complete trip we have in The Fun Plan. In addition to including round-trip flights, airport transfers to accommodation, 6 nights with breakfast, transfers between cities, 5 tours (not only to get to know the cities, but also to go out partying such as the tour of the Budapest ruin bars) and travel insurance.

We let you see it in summary in the following illustration.

5. Thailand

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Thailand It is one of the most fashionable destinations of the moment. If Asia is the future, we could say that Thailand is already present among the most desired travel destinations for young people.

It is one of the favorite destinations for all members of The Fun Plan team. Proof of this is that almost all of us have visited it, and not only to prepare our much-demanded trips to Thailand beach, Thailand adventure or Thailand party. We invite you to take a look at both and decide which one you like the most. We have prepared both with the same love.

In case you want to know more about Thailand, you can read some of the different posts about Thailand that we have been writing on our blog.

6. China

This 2017-18 season we have added the trip to China to our offer. It is a trip that we love, organized by The Dragon Trip, a company based in the Asian giant and that shares the same travel philosophy as us, since it offers great trips (them through different countries in Asia) in the same way as we offer. Taking care of all the details and controlling each and every one of the things we offer throughout the trip.

As you can see, we are delighted to work with them and hope that our first groups of #funplaneros dare to try this experience. Of course, it is for true adventurers who really want to get to know the world and Asian culture, and with time! Because among other things it is a 25-day trip. Will it be you?

7. College Cruise

Are you going on a cruise with your friends? Show and games room, casino, nightclub, solarium, paddle tennis court... Could you ask for more?

Now it's up to you, the colors and what the majority wants. If you were given a choice, which one would you choose?

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