Ideas to Financing an End of Year Trip

Ideas to finance final year trip

At this point, having just started the university course, the “veterans” of the last courses are surely beginning to organize your end of career trip or the equator crossing. Problems financing it? In these times it is normal. Let's see if with the following ideas to finance a final year trip we can help you:

Run a giveaway and sell raffles

We already have a lottery!!! Do not miss it!!! #magisterioontour #loteriamagisterio #tripcareerend #magisshore

— Magisterio UniOvi15 (@Magisterio2015) October 4, 2014 

 We start with a classic: buy something cool and raffle it off by selling raffles. Tips? Regarding the raffle, specify the date, which must be in a public place to guarantee transparency and allow enough time to sell all the raffles.

 The important thing is to get the gift right and move a lot to sell as many raffles as possible. 

You have to keep in mind that it must be a raffle for a material good but never a monetary prize. You can raffle anything from a sweatshirt, a car to a trip. Another profitable option is to sell national lottery tickets 😉 On the official website of the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation you will find the steps to follow to organize a raffle. If you have any questions, we are here to help you!

2015 Calendar

Some races are specialists in preparing a calendar for 2015. The theme? Whichever you think is appropriate. Even some students are already specialists in posing in front of the cameras, like those in the following article. Would you dare?

Sell Christmas products

 Petit délice. Delicious. #viajefindecarerera #mantecados — Lidia. (@Lidiamolcar) October 22, 2014 

Many companies that manufacture Christmas products (chocolates, shortbreads, Christmas baskets, etc.) offer good commissions to sell their products. The idea is to sell them to family and friends and earn a little money for the trip. From Polvorones to Mantecados. Most often, it is the university students themselves who cook their own Christmas gastronomic products, and they are the ones who obtain the best results! To make the most of it, you can organize a gastronomic day at the university, they will lick their fingers!

Organize university parties

  A mandatory point, not only because you will earn quite a few euros. We have to prepare for the trip! And what better than going out to parties and organizing them together. You will simply have to do public relations and reach an agreement with the owner of the premises. At The Fun Plan, for example, we help in the organization and dissemination of the university parties of our travel groups. The Wednesday sangriadas in journalism, San Canuto, San Teleco or the medicine festivals are classics.  

 The parties at the faculties are a success, how envious you are of university life! 

Organize concerts or shows

  Aren't there any musicians on campus? IMPOSSIBLE. So, let's get to work: organize a concert with groups from the faculty or acquaintances, talk to the uni so they can let you have their facilities and let the show begin!!! Like concerts, theater plays They are another option.  

 Organize everything from a youth group festival to a stand-up comedy marathon, you'll have a great time! 


  You probably already know them, but we'll still explain what it is: platforms on which to set a goal (an end-of-year trip to Ibiza, for example) on which they normally ask for a video to promote it. And you, to ask for money to help achieve the goal. Different levels of help can be provided. For example:  

  • €10 for anyone who wants to help without further ado
  • €20 for a t-shirt you have designed
  • €50 for a t-shirt, a box of shortbread and a ticket to a concert.

    In the following link you will find the main crowdfunding platforms in Spain  

Take advantage of your professional skills

  It is the best way to put into practice everything learned in the three, four or five years of your degree. Have you studied physiotherapy? Organize a sporting event and take the stretcher out onto the field. Law students? You can provide legal assistance at a reasonable price. Journalists? Make yourself known by publishing an article in local, national or university newspapers. What's more, if you are students of several specialties you can put all these skills together. INEF can organize a sporting event, physiotherapy and medicine, provide healthcare, journalism and communication, disseminate the event and verify that everything fits within the law 😉  

 If you need help organizing events, we are here to help you! 

Merchandising Sale

We are selling products to be able to go on an end-of-degree trip. Backpacks, €4.5

— Rafa Blanes (@RafaelBlanes) March 17, 2014 

A classic but no less important. In the end they always manage to raise a few bucks by selling either university sweatshirts as lighters, caps, fans, pens or the latest fashion: imitation perfumes. Personalized mugs are also popular among university students.

We hope that these ideas can help you finance your trip. If you want to know more Contact us.

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