How to travel to New York and not spend money?

Everyone should go to New York once in their life... If on your next vacation you are planning a trip to the city par excellence of skyscrapers, you should know that you can enjoy a wide variety of monuments, museums and leisure options! Without spending money! Below we tell you all the tips you need on your trip to the Big Apple to make it the vacation of a lifetime. Will you join us to visit New York for free?

Monuments and museums, free!

  • Memorial 11-SIf there is an event that overwhelmed the world and especially the hearts of Americans, it was the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. And 13 years later, the place where these two very tall skyscrapers were built is one of the main tourist attractions of the city and that we can visit without spending money. Admission is completely free, and even if they ask you for a donation of about $5 or $10, no one is forced to pay to enter. Inside you can see two giant pools in the place where the tallest towers of the World Trade Center were and see on their edges the names of the thousands of victims who lost their lives in this tragic event.
  • MoMa MuseumNew York is one of the cities in the world that has the most museums on its streets, and if you don't have many days to be in the town you may not want to spend time and money on them. But we offer you an option that you won't be able to refuse: see one of the most visited museums on the planet, the MoMa, without having to pay an entrance fee. And despite the fact that the ticket costs around $25 per person, every Friday between 4 and 8 p.m. this cultural center opens its doors to the public without any cost. Of course, we recommend that you go in advance since the lines at this specific time are quite long...
  • Saint Patrick's CathedralAnd the city of skyscrapers is not only full of very tall buildings, but its streets have some of the most important religious temples in the country. In fact, in the heart of the island of Manhattan is one of the most visited Cathedrals in New York: St. Patrick's. A basilica with two imposing towers more than 100 meters high and flanked by the abundant traffic and bustle of New York that becomes the center of attention of all the tourists who walk along Fifth Avenue. It opens from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and access inside is free, so you can't miss it.
  • Times SquareOkay, Times Square doesn't count as a monument or a museum... But it is one of the main attractions of New York! Street artists, music, hundreds of illuminated signs seeking to attract the attention of visitors, all the shops you want open from Monday to Sunday and until late at night... Could you ask for anything more? New York is one of the few cities in the world where raffles are held to access the most important musicals at a ridiculous price. In addition, here you can find stores that are authentic museums, such as the 'M&M's' store or the 'Disney Store' or 'Toy's 'R' us' toy stores; In the latter you can ride a giant Ferris wheel inside the establishment!
  • New York Parks Have we not convinced you yet? Do you think New York is going to be 'too urban' or bustling for you? Well, we are sorry to tell you that it is one of the towns that has the most green areas in proportion to the number of inhabitants: Battery Park, Bryant Park, High Line or Central Park are some of the most touristy. The latter has more than 4 kilometers long where you can enjoy lakes, see monuments, ride a bicycle or horse-drawn carriage, rent a boat, take a remote-controlled boat, feed the ducks... Do you need anything else to enjoy nature on your vacation?

Outdoor activities: nature in its purest form

  • Cable CarAnd for those who want to return from their vacation with a beautiful photograph of the skyscrapers of New York, nothing better than taking the perfect panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline from Roosevelt Island. It is an islet in the middle of the East River and can be accessed by cable car. How much does it cost you? If you have previously purchased your metro pass, you will not have to pay absolutely anything; And if you certainly want to see the main points of interest in New York, we recommend that you take it out as soon as you land in the city. Therefore, you can ride the cable car, walk through one of the quietest areas of the town and have the best views without spending money.
  • Boat cruiseIf after exploring New York on foot, by subway and from above you want to sail the waters that bathe the city's coast, we suggest an activity for which you will not have to pay anything: take a ferry to the State Island district. It faces the south of the island of Manhattan and facilitates access for residents and tourists through a free ferry that leaves every half-hour for a short 30-minute cruise. And what can you see in it? The Financial District, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and Governor's Island while you enjoy the Atlantic breeze on deck.
  • Botanical GardenAnd for nature lovers we offer to see one of the largest botanical gardens in the world at no cost. This is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which although admission generally costs $10, you can access it free of charge on Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. You will be able to see a Japanese garden, a beautiful lake and more varied plant species from the five continents.

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