We all like the sea and the beach, but isn't it true that sometimes you miss music and a little more atmosphere? Don't worry, this summer will be different because we have the solution. We present you the best boat parties this summer 2015 to enjoy with your friends.

Day and night party in Albufeira

Our party boat map begins on the Portuguese coast. The best of this area of the Portuguese Algarve is in its paradisiacal beaches and its hidden coves. Aboard a catamaran you will arrive crossing the waters of the Atlantic to it while you dance to the rhythm of chillo out music that invites you to escape from the routine and enjoy your vacation with a smile. Can you imagine arriving in paradise while partying? In Albufeira you can.

Put on your swimsuit, grab your towel, cream and sunglasses… the vacation begins!

To enjoy a good boat party in Albufeira you have several options to choose from. We recommend you choose between a barbecue cruise on a 5-hour tour that will take you to the promised beach and which will be waiting for you in all its splendor. This plan is ideal if you are looking to have a good time in a unique environment and make the most of your beach day.

If you prefer not to set foot on dry land, we suggest a party with a DJ and an open bar on a three-hour tour where you will be thrilled (seriously!) by the spectacular sunsets of the Portuguese coast aboard the catamaran. Dancing you will end the day while you watch the sun hide on the horizon and the night gives way to the party, you will feel that the holidays have really arrived!

*Travel Tip: If these two boat parties have something in common, it is the good atmosphere and the peace of mind of knowing that fun is guaranteed. Which one do you stay with?


Without turning off the engines we continue sailing in Portuguese waters to present you one of the most fun theme parties: the Vilamoura Pirate Ship. To the rhythm of music from international DJs and with a lot of good vibes as its flag, this boat full of pirates makes a stop on the high seas so you can take that dip that you find so appealing, even if the water is frozen!

*Travel Tip: After finishing the 3-hour party you will arrive at the port, you can continue the party in the best clubs in the Algarve area!

Mediterranean atmosphere in Malaga

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea our ship continues its route south and drops anchor on the Costa del Sol, one of the best destinations to celebrate group parties this summer. Can you imagine a total package of sailing, show, dinner and party? Well, all this and much more can be done on the Andalusian coast, a perfect destination to celebrate bachelor parties or vacations with friends without excuses.

*Insight: Málaga has a long experience in organizing boat parties, a fact that has turned the city into a benchmark for entertainment by the sea.

Summer classics: Valencia and Gandía

We advance towards the Levantine coast with two fashionable summer destinations: Valencia and Gandía. Both are barely an hour away and host many of the trendiest boat parties during the summer.

In Gandía you can enjoy a boat party both in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon. All of them aboard a catamaran with capacity for 150 guests, the best DJs and food included in the pack. You won't miss anything!

In Valencia you also have these three options (morning, noon and night) or you can enjoy a party at sunset, which, as a novelty in 2015, has created a VIP area, to feel like movie stars!

*Travel Tip: In addition to including dinner at a nearby restaurant, the Valencia VIP boat party is held near the best nightclubs in the city.

Walk along the coast of Barcelona

The next stop is the European capital of the Mediterranean: Barcelona. Thousands of people arrive at its port every summer, ensuring you an unforgettable experience, starting at the sea and continuing the night in the neighboring clubs.

*Travel Tip: the tour along the coast of Barcelona includes a package with a live DJ on board the catamaran, barbecue and a dip in the sea.

End of party in Ibiza

We finish our small boat tour with the place where partying has become a way of life, Ibiza. Temple and place of worship for electronic music, Pitusa Island is an incredible place to enjoy wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters.

On board a catamaran like the Beautiful People or the Ibiza Sea Party you will find the best music with resident DJs (the best!), the most beautiful people and the beaches with the best sunsets...Everything on this island is perfect.

A good option as the end of the party could be Ibiza Sea Party, a party on board a catamaran with an open bar for 5 hours, music at 10 thousand watts of power that you will take advantage of morning or afternoon with food on board, fun guaranteed!

If you are one of those who likes to dress up for the occasion and are looking for the most “chic” party, Beautiful People is undoubtedly your number one. You will dance for 7 hours to the hits of the moment, you will enjoy a day at the beach and you will rub shoulders with the most select atmosphere in Ibiza, what more do you want?

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