The best parties in November

autumn leaves

If there is something we can continue doing in autumn, and more specifically in November, is to enjoy the calendar of parties that invites us to find fun plans weekend. All we have to do is move our bones and have a great time. Here we go!

Festivals in the towns of Spain

What would be of Spain without the S parties his towns! In November we have local, regional, gastronomic, religious or patron celebrations. Towns like Mazarrón (Murcia), Masueco (Salamanca), Arteixo (A Coruña), Fustiñana (Navarra), Maials (Lleida) or Villalán de Campos (Valladolid) are well worth a visit. Hard choise!

Festivals of tourist interest in Spain

After the summer, the number of traditional holidays in our country, but there are still good options to make a escape. One of the ones we recommend is Estella, which coincides with the day of the Patron Saint of Saint Andrew (November 30) and organizes one of the most important livestock fairs. It's noted!

Parties abroad

For the most adventurous and eager for strong emotions we have finternational holidays of the once in a lifetime Jazz Festival in London, Night of the Theaters in Prague, Food, Wine and Rum Festival in Barbados, Thanksgiving in New York, Black Friday United), Bergen (the gingerbread town), Indigenous Film Festival in Buenos Aires and many more! If you happen to be in any of these places, be sure to plan it on your agenda.


Shall we take the suitcase and go to a Music festival? These are our recommendations; The Mira Festival 2013 in the Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) and in the Sala Razzmatazz, the Bilboloop 2013 in Bilbao in the Kafe Antzokia, The BIME Live!, the festival associated with the Bizkaia International Music Experience event that will be held in the BEC! (Bilbao Exhibition Centre) in Barakaldo and finally, the route of the Primavera Sound Touring Party 2013, which will be in several Spanish cities.

Now don't let laziness get the better of you and have a good time funplaneros 

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