Athens in one day

Who doesn't want a plan of crystal clear waters, art and architecture in every corner and a time of impression? Well, this would be a summary of what would await us if we decided to do a trip with friends to Athens. Not only that, but also, Athens It has the advantage that it is a city that can be enjoyed both on a getaway, a longer trip or simply a quick one-day visit. And that is why today we are going to do a recap of the most important things to do if we can only visit Athens in one day.

In the morning

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With our batteries well charged we began our morning of adventure. And what better area to start our visit than the city center itself? Exactly, we will start in the Monasteraki Square and while we are on our way to the Acropolis, we will pass in front of the Hadrian's Library, Built by the Roman emperor in the year 132. It was formerly used as a convention center and reading room, although it was also used to house the extensive collection of books. Likewise, very close to it, we will also find the Pantanassa Church, from where, if we want, we can enjoy a spectacular sunset.

As we continue to move towards Acropolis, we can enjoy the Classic Agora, the old center of the city where all its political, social and commercial activity took place. After making this stop, we will realize that we are very close to our final destination, the Acropolis, symbol of Athens and Greece, in general, where we will mainly find the Parthenon, he Temple of Athena, among others.

Where to eat

After having a very active morning, what do you think if we take a break along the way? It is always good to take a short break and what better way to do it than by going to the Plaka? As we leave the Acropolis we can head towards this famous street that houses numerous restaurants. In fact, one of the best known is the Yiasemi Cafe Bistrotwhose specialty is Musaka. 

In the afternoon

After eating and a good rest, we continue walking through the alleys that end up taking us to the Adrianou street. Furthermore, on this same street, we will find the famous Hadrian's Arch, where if we want we can take the typical photo where said arch appears and the Acropolis just behind, one of the most common things to do once we reach this point.

Once we finish here, we will realize that we are very close to our next destination. Do you know what it is? The Temple of Zeus! The construction of this began in the 6th century BC and finished in the 2nd century with Emperor Hadrian. It was a colossal work at the time, since it was considered the largest temple in Greece. Today, only 16 of the original 104 Corinthian columns remain.

And to end the afternoon, what do you think if we head towards the Syntagma Square? Right in this square, we will find the Greek parliament and two booths with two guards watching. Every hour cchange of guard It becomes a “curious spectacle” that we cannot miss!

At night

And to top off such a non-stop day, what do you think if we head towards the Panathenaic Stadium?The first modern Olympic games were held here in 1895 and today, if we want, we can walk through any of its corners, the stands, the track, etc. And since a day of tourism cannot end without a sunset, we head to the Mount Lycabettus! From where, apart from enjoying a spectacular sunset, we can observe the incredible views of the city and the Acropolis.

What do we see that we start to get hungry? No problem! In the area of Piraeus, located in the port of Athens, we will find the best restaurants where we can enjoy an area that will take away our hiccups.

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