There is no trip more unique and unforgettable than the end of career trip. You know that it will most likely be the last time you share unique moments with your university classmates, and that is why you want it to be perfect and unforgettable. We wanted to do this for the group with whom we shared six days in Albufeira. Days of sun, beach and boat parties, nights of partying and drunkenness.

Eight hours of travel separate Madrid from Albufeira. Some by car, others by bus, the trip is long until you finally land in Portugal. The first thing you realize when you arrive Albufeira the thing is lives for and for tourism. Around 40,000 people live on its cobbled streets and beaches, many fishing families and many others in the hospitality industry. Not all of them are Portuguese, tourism has caused many of those who came to spend the summer to stay forever.

sunset party

We welcome travelers with a boat party to enjoy the sunset dancing to the rhythm of music as the first experience of your trip. A catering with enough food for the group of sixty people who are hungry and want to enjoy the party. A perfect three-hour party from where you can watch the sunset while sailing along the Portuguese coast with Fishermen's Beach as a postcard in the background, one of the most beautiful and typical in Portugal.

To keep the night going, we invite you to have drinks at one of the most chic places in Albufeira, the Libertos Club. Although the place is not bad at all, the atmosphere is not good and many of the kids prefer to go try their luck at the surrounding clubs. In Albufeira, the majority of tourists who visit its beaches are English and Irish, and its bars provide a good account of this type of tourism. Most of them with live music, terraces, shots and the most commercial songs.

On Saturday, many of them try their luck by going to see the Champions League final between Madrid and Atleti in Lisbon, two hours away. The rest look for a beach with small coves and opt for Arrecife beach, 15 minutes away by car. After spending the day in its coves and bathing in the cold waters of the Atlantic, they return to dinner. We must admit that the dinner left a lot to be desired at the open buffet, but little by little the situation improved…

We barely found guests in the hotel and the group was able to enjoy living on the fourth floor as if it were a university residence. Thus, the first drinks are enjoyed, as it could not be otherwise, in the hotel rooms, to end the night in any of the pubs that are a ten-minute walk away. They opt for joints like Patchá, which stands out for its large screens on the terrace.

On Sunday we met many of those who left for Lisbon already back in Albufeira. The majority decide to go spend the day at the beach and opt for beaches near Albufeira where to rest the hangover. The night turns into a party at the hotel that ends with several hangovers the next day.

Monday is the big day. A seven-hour boat party with an open bar and DJ included. A party that begins first thing in the morning with a walk through the caves excavated in the sea, considered by National Geographic to be some of the most beautiful in the world. The catamaran crosses the beaches of S. Rafael, Castelo, Galé, Salgados, Armaçao de Pera, Marinha, Benagil to the Alfansina lighthouse. Always with the best music and crew on board. Many decide to swim to a cove where they are welcomed with a barbecue for tastes and colors. Three hours of sun, beach, volleyball and spectacular views.

In the afternoon the catamaran becomes a continuous and unrepeatable party where no one is exempt from dancing and feeling like the king of the world on board a boat with people who until a few years ago they did not even know. In fact, many of them had not met until this trip. A unique day that could not end in any other way than with a new party at the hotel.

The last day It is to take advantage of everything that you have not done during the rest of the days. Find the perfect cove where you can sunbathe, eat fish (preferably grilled cod), have an aperitif next to the sea, swim in the pool, get your foot in the water... and hit the last one. night out in Albufeira in one of the most respected clubs in Albufeira at the foot of Pescadores beach, Sétima Onda, in the old town.

With this and a cake is how you enjoy a week of continuous revelry on an end-of-career trip. Do you dare to get on board?

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