The Essentials of Mallorca

While it is true that those who go to Mallorca go for its beaches, the island has much more to offer than sand and sea;) At The Fun Plan we have made a selection of the most recommended places for “those days” when the weather is not good. time, the air blows a lot or we are tired of swimming.

Essentials in Palma

Mallorca Cathedral

Visit the cathedral that was built on the site that was formerly occupied by a mosque and contemplate the severity of the Gothic style and elements introduced by Gaudí. Don't miss the large rose window that projects the lights of its 1,236 crystals. Quite a spectacle!

Old Town

You cannot get to know Palma without taking a walk through the alleys of the old quarter. It will be easy for you to get lost around the Cathedral until you reach the Plaza Mayor through popular shopping streets.

El Born

This neighborhood, with the same name as Barcelona, is located in the heart of Palma. Its name comes from “bornar” or celebrating jousts between gentlemen. We invite you to take a walk around the neighborhood. You can see how to the north it is delimited by the Tortugas fountain and to the south by the Plaza de la Reina.

Castell de Bellver

Located at the top of a wooded elevation about 3 km. from the historic center, it is one of the few castles with a circular plan in Europe, you can go around without stopping! Take in the impressive views of the bay and the Tramuntana Mountains. Also, if you go on a Sunday, admission will be free. To access you have to take buses 3, 20 and 46.

El Terreno, a colonial world

This old residential neighborhood, under the Bellver castle, preserves many examples of colonial villa architecture, gardens and a spectacular view over the bay. Nowadays it is one of the reference places for going out, so you can travel back in time when going out at night in these neighborhoods.

The Avingudes and the expansion

The modern part of Palma. Very wide avenues that separate the old city from the expansion and that follow the old layout of the wall. A perfect #funplan for a day of shopping.

The seafront

Discover the maritime façade of Palma, its wall, the Palau de la Almudaina, the Llonja. And if you feel like it, rent a bike and skirt the 12 km of bay. The promenade is also perfect in the evening as the atmosphere comes alive with the surrounding terraces, bars and clubs.

Essentials on the island

It's Torrent de Pareis

The most famous torrent that crosses the Sierra de Tramuntana. If you go by car, take the road from Escorca to Sa Calobra cove and don't forget some pills against motion sickness. They will suit you in luxury! But don't be scared, the journey is worth it ;)

Caves of Drach

More than 200 caves that hide inside a large underground lake, Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. It is located 58 km in a straight line in Portocristo (Manacor). A highly recommended getaway!

Cap de Formentor viewpoint

Located in the northern part of the island. They say that it is the “end” of the Serra de Tramuntana since it ends on some cliffs where you will see the nearby island of Menorca on clear days. To get there you must go to the town of Pollença;)


An essential of Roman origin. You will return to the time of gladiators, philosophers and slaves, visiting the ruins of several homes and the forum, as well as a curious theater carved into the rock. To get to Alcudia you must take a ferry to the island of Menorca. Every day one comes out so...Don't stay on the ground!


This magnificent place is located less than half an hour from the city of Palma, and it is absolutely essential to travel to this picturesque town in the Sierra de Tramuntana. You should without a doubt walk calmly through its steep streets, even if you get tired, and stop at each facade. A luxury at your fingertips!

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