If you have already been able to take a look at our website, you will have seen that one of the destinations that we like to work with the most is Barcelona, a city chosen by tourists as the fourth destination in Europe and the first in Spain.

In this post we want to recommend some of the best masia restaurants the city of Barcelona, where you can enjoy a wonderful gastronomic evening!

Over the years, many of the owners of farmhouses dedicated until then to agriculture and livestock decided to transform them into small houses adapted to rural tourism and hospitality. The largest number of farmhouses is found in Catalonia, although it is very common to find them throughout the Mediterranean.

The farmhouses are a wonderful place to enjoy the pleasures of combining a perfect environment with good food and good service. Would you like to check it out?

We have made a selection of the 5 most notable farmhouses in Barcelona based on traveler opinions, environment, food and service.

Can Travi Nou 

It is a Catalan farmhouse from the early 17th century located in the Vall d'Hebron park in Barcelona. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has several rooms that evoke the decoration of bygone eras.

In the 1920s, its owners decided to convert this magnificent house into a farmhouse that offers lovers of Mediterranean cuisine a rustic and cozy corner that today has become a gastronomic reference in Barcelona. Its specialties include salmon supreme with glazed onions, duck confit with red fruit sauce, black rice and incredible desserts such as chocolate truffe. It seems that their desserts are incredible, I wouldn't miss them 😉

Can Cortada

From the same group as the Can Travi Nou farmhouse we have Can Cortada, an old castle from the 11th century that in 1994 the Soler i Ribatallada family renovated to turn it into a restaurant. It is part of the Artistic Heritage of Barcelona and even houses a defense tower that is more than a thousand years old. In Can Cortada we can enjoy traditional Catalan cuisine and wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. Among the chef's recommendations, the cod and fresh tomato esqueixada, chicken sea and mountain with crayfish, broad bean salad with ham with mint vinaigrette and fried milk stand out. Doesn't sound bad at all!

Can Prat 

Located in Barcelona, it is another of the farmhouses that has been remodeled in recent years. It is very sophisticated and houses countless styles from each era. Its gardens make it the ideal place for large celebrations of any kind.
Perfect for exquisite palates since it has chef Josep Maria Sabido who, with his renowned career and his kitchen team, will be in charge of creating traditional Mediterranean dishes of exquisite quality.

El Xaloc farmhouse restaurant 

Located in Barcelona 5m from Manresa. It is located in the middle of the forest in a place worth visiting. It puts at your disposal several rooms, tents and terraces for all types of events. This restaurant draws special attention because it has a swimming pool, soccer field, basketball field, paintball field and children's playground.
Its gastronomic offer focuses on traditional Catalan cuisine, with its delicious grilled meats, the restaurant's star dishes being sausages or grilled goat.

The farmhouse (Sitges) 

Built at the beginning of the century in the beautiful town of Sitges. It has three rooms and a large terrace with Catalan decoration accompanied by a collection of whiskey bottles for customers to see, as well as several fireplaces surrounded by old farm implements. All its dishes are dominated by the typical strain with sausages and toasted bread with tomato, and accompanied by excellent wines. On the other hand, its location is perfect for getting close to all the points of interest in the area: the Cau Ferrat, Maricel and Romántico museums; the beaches of the Barcelona coast or the Garraf Natural Park.

We always advise that a reservation on time is a sure success, avoiding lines, and having the security of knowing where you are going to eat, means that we waste less time and enjoy our day of tourism to the fullest.

We know that apart from these 5 there are many more charming farmhouses in BarcelonaIf any of you have been to one and want to share your experience with us, don't hesitate to leave us a comment!

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