Berlin in a Day

Berlin, The city of the lights, is a city that is characterized by its large extension, but its most emblematic places are all located around the center, so visit Berlin in one day it's possible! This city is considered one of the paradises of Germany, which we should visit at least once in our life.

And because? Well, because of the great historical importance that accompanies it, because of the art that each of the corners of its streets gives off and because it is currently one of the main cultural centers in Europe, which a large number of students choose as a destination for their travel trip. end of career. So, all we have to do is continue reading to find out everything we can't miss on our next visit to Berlin.

In the morning

Brandenburg Gate

We recommend starting your visit from the Branderburg Gate. Without a doubt the best way to start our visit.

Next to the Brandenburg Gate, you have the German Parliament (Reichtag) whose dome is worthy of you going up to take some photos. This square is the most characteristic square in Berlin and is the symbol of the reunification of Germany. In its surroundings you can find a large number of shops, theater groups parodying military scenes, etc. We can find a cafe where we can stop to have the first coffee of the morning and thus get energy for the rest of the day. Berlin is a lot of Berlin!

Where to eat

When we think about German cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is its famous sausages, since these are very varied in terms of colors and flavors. As a curious fact, if we are fans of this food, we will love to know that, andIn this country you can find about 1,500 different types of sausages. Each German region offers a different specialty; Frankfurt sausages, with a mild flavor, Nuremberg sausages, which are served roasted, or Bavarian sausages, with a lighter color. There will be no sausage that can resist us... which one will we like the most? You will have to try them… ALL OF THEM!!

Although if we talk about typical German gastronomy, we cannot forget the most typical and savored dish in Berlin, the Currywurst. ANDs one sausage served sliced, sprinkled with a curry ketchup sauce and is usually accompanied by fries. We cannot guarantee that we will return home with the same size of pants... but what we are sure of is that we will enjoy German food as well as its variety of beers in any corner.

In the afternoon

What if we go to museums in Berlin?

This is the area called Museum island because there are a large number of thembut without a doubt the buildings of the New Museum and the Pergamon Museum They will especially catch your attention. Although our recommendation due to lack of time is the Jewish Museum it's really nice!

Around the River Spree you can sail and there are markets with many artists selling their works of art. On the banks of the river it is common to see people lying on the grass, walking or having a drink at the beach bars and terraces that have been emerging.

To finish the day visit, we will go to the city center again to visit the best-known border crossing between the east and the west, the CheckPoint Charlie. If you have time, next door is the Topography of Terror and the Luftwaffe building. With this we would finish the tourist route through the main attractions of Berlin but we assume that you will have reserved time to enjoy the nightlife.

At night

We haven't booked the hotel in Berlin yet? What are we waiting for? The best offers… they fly!!

Berlin is one of the cities in Europe with the greatest nightlife offer: discos, jazz clubs, concert halls and cocktail bars of all kinds turn on their lights daily. The party areas are concentrated in Mitte, Friedrichschain, Kreuzberg and the former West Berlin.

► Mitte, an artists' area, is one of the most expensive. Here you can have a few drinks while stepping on the beach sand in one of its establishments, as well as contemplate the views of the city in one of its numerous skybars.

► Friedrichshain It is for many the most happening area of Berlin. Here the bustle is concentrated in the Simon-Dach-StraBe, a showcase of restaurants and bars with an alternative touch and with more affordable prices than in Mitte.

► Kreuzberg, on the other bank of the river from Friedrichshain, offers something for everyone along Oranienstrasse, where there are plenty of bars and clubs open until the early hours of the morning.

This city allows us to enjoy everything from a jazz concert to discovering its secret pubs, where you can listen to the best electronic music in Europe. If one thing is clear to us in Berlin, it is that its party does not leave anyone indifferent, its variety of styles will ensure that you find the perfect place to toast with your colleagues with a mug of beer in hand for repeating the next getaway to Berlin.

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