Gijón In One Day

In 2015 we want to continue showing you our favorite places! This January we move north to bring you one of the most beautiful cities in our country. They say it has one of the nicest beaches and one of the best neighborhoods to enjoy cider. Do you know which city we are referring to? You were right: we are going to spend one day in Gijón.

We have been lucky enough to be not once, but twice in this city. Of course, it is not enjoyed the same in summer as in winter, but there are always some essential and perfect places to visit in a single day, whether it is cold, hot, rain or shine.

In the morning

We begin the visit on the Gijón promenade, at the closest point to the cathedral. Right here is the Tourist Office So you can take advantage of everything first of all to collect information of interest and not miss any of the events that take place throughout the year in the Asturian city. In fact, here you have an agenda with the cultural events in Gijón, to plan your getaway!

As I have told you, our visit begins on the seafront promenade of the San Lorenzo Beach. On this map of the city you can see the path we will follow during the morning so as not to miss any details. Walk with the sea on your right until you come across the St. Peter's Church. From a distance you can admire its temple and impressive fortification that presides over the coast. Before arriving at the church you can make a stop at the Roman Baths of Campo Valdés, whenever you find them open.

Surround the church and always continue in the direction Cimavilla. You will have it easy because it is all straight uphill. On the way you may come across some brave local taking a dip in the icy waters of the Cantabrian Sea. Continue along the Camino de la Fontina – La Salle until you reach Cimavilla. There stop, breathe and catch some air to enjoy the views. You will see how the ocean prostrates itself at your feet along with a city that now seems smaller from a distance.

You will stumble across an icon of culture: “In Praise of the Horizon” by Eduardo Chillida 

Take a walk through Cimavilla where attention! Here a photograph is mandatory, you will have to put your most original pose and don't forget to send it to us! If you look a little you will realize that you are stepping into living history because the park where you are now taking a walk, the Santa Catalina Hill Park, Years ago it was a civil war bunker. Now it is perfect to hide from the world or escape with a book in your hands.

Leave the park through the Skate area from where you will see the Gijón Marina. That's where we're headed. We invite you to make a contradiction since to get to the port you must go down the street called “Subida al Cerro”. You will find on the right hand side the sculpture by Vaquero Turcios, “El Nordeste”.

It is the perfect time to make a stop and start enjoying good cider and Asturian gastronomy. We recommend you to eat “Trabanco House” and as the star dish a good entrecôte accompanied by piparras that they grow in their own garden.

The best restaurants in Gijón!

In the afternoon

The best way to wash down your food is to take a good walk through the alleys of the old part of Gijón. To do this, head towards the center along Artillería Street until you reach the Chapel of Solitude. In front you will find the Marina that houses an exhibition hall. Keep an eye on it because it may surprise you with something interesting!

Get lost in the streets and squares that surround the Old Town and walking you will find buildings full of history such as the Chapel of Remedies, the Birthplace of Jovellanos or the Valdes Palace.

You will land in the Plaza Mayor, central and perfect to continue drinking cider

How to end a good afternoon? We recommend that you return to the promenade, one of the best that Gijón has, and retrace your steps until you find the Parque de Isabel la Católica or also called “duck park”. It's time to rest!

At night

Gijón is one of the liveliest cities in Asturias. Approach the old part again, the Asturian “Malasaña” and place yourself in the Jovellanos Square. From there you can choose the tavern to drink cider until dawn.

And if you don't have a place to sleep, you can easily reserve it. As?

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One of the busiest nightclubs is the mythical “Bulevard”. You can also go down to the Marina where you will find pubs open in the San Esteban Street. It is true that we will have to return a third time to do an in-depth check of Gijón's nightlife, don't you have any recommendations?

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