What to Do a Day in Lisbon

What to do in Lisbon in one day

It is difficult for me to accurately describe the sensations I have when I set foot on Lisbon soil after having lived there for nearly five years, but they are very close to a state of complete happiness. I notice that a smile appears on my face that usually accompanies me throughout my stay. Partly thanks to the hospitality of Sole, my Lisbon brother.

I had that feeling a couple of weeks ago, since I was visiting this beautiful city. How wonderful to be back! Of course my happiness is double since I am lucky to have a lot of friends with whom I can kill saudades.

Taking advantage of my stay, I want to write to you what would be for me a perfect day in Lisbon.

To start the day, where do we have breakfast? In the center of Lisbon there are 3 of the most famous cafes in Lisbon (and therefore, the most touristy): La Swiss Pastry Shop and the Cafe Nicola in the Praça do Rossio and To Brazilian in the Chiado Square. I recognize that I am of the breed of those who rarely leave home without having breakfast, but if I did go out I would go to one of these because I like the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is breathed in them.

Terrace of Café A Brasileira (Chiado, Lisbon) with the statue of Fernando Pessoa.

With the batteries charged, it's time to go for a walk. If we look for a busy street in Lisbon, that is the one Rua Garret in Chiado, always full of life. I am one of those who have a feeling of well-being when entering a bookstore (a vice that I have passed on to me from my dear Nana) so in that area I usually visit the legendary Livraria Bertrand, although there are many more in the surrounding area.

The walk would continue through Baixa, which is little by little being rehabilitated with hotels and shops, giving life to one of the most touristic areas of the city. Before finishing in the Commercial Square, finally open to the sea after many years of construction, I would recommend a visit to the Museum of Design and Fashion. Personally, I love it.

In Praça do Cmércio there are a lot of cool terraces and restaurants, although my favorite place is the “Wine Tasting Room”, a Portuguese wine promotion site where you can try for free (and also buy) some wines from the region, for which I feel enormous passion

And for eat?

It's time to ride the mythical tram 28 towards Alfama and tell the driver to let us know at the bus stop. Rua das Escolas Gerais 54. That is where the You Natércia. A small, authentic restaurant. Cult for me! There, in addition to finding the friendliness of the owner, Natercia, you can try cod in all its forms, although the house specialty is the “Rolo de Bacalhau”. To lick your fingers (and go out on a roll hehe).

Of course, if you are looking for something more sophisticated and want to try the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon, I have to tell you about Cervejaria Ramiro, for which I have no words to describe, that's why I'm showing you some photos of what you can find there...

…and Cervejaria da Esquina, located in one of the most unknown and authentic neighborhoods of Lisbon, Ourique Field and directed by one of the best chefs in Portugal, Vitor Sobral. I put some photos with what you can find here. Thank you Oki, my great Lisbon padel partner, for the invitation to this magnificent restaurant.

In the afternoon.

If we have visited any of these three restaurants we will need a short walk to get the food down.

If we go to the Ti Natércia restaurant we can have coffee at “O Terraço” (Calçada do Marquês de Tancos, 3) and delight in its views of the river, and then visit the Castle of St. George, one of the emblems of Lisbon. If the visit lasts longer, a mojito at Chapitô is always a good choice and then wander down the street. Alfama, the fado area par excellence. A fado place in Alfama? Take a look at the House of Linhares, one of the most famous.

To lengthen your legs after Ramiro, it is best to visit the Plaza de Martim Moniz, recently renovated with the installation of several outdoor food stalls. And if you want to visit one of the most cool At the moment, you will find it on the roof of the Hotel Mundial.

Terrace of Hotel Mundial, Lisbon

If you paid the tribute at the Cervejaria da Esquina, then your walk will take place through Ourique Field. What to visit there? The Campo de Ourique Market is opening, which I have not had the opportunity to go to but my good friend Ana Carreira did this weekend and gave me very positive feedback.

And at night?

For the night I have left the Uptown, where there are plenty of places to dine well. To mention two: High Boot (good cod and value for money) and the Lisbon À Noite, the favorite of another of my Lisbon friends, Alberto. Afterwards, the best thing is to get lost in its crowded streets and choose the most inviting place, although the most normal thing is to drink outdoors. How many nights have I spent through these streets with Ali, Fátima, Miguel Ángel, Raquel, Maria do Carmo, Dario and the rest of the crew. What times!

Barrio Alto in Lisbon partying at night

Another area to be at night is Saints, although the one that is very fashionable now is Cais do Sodré, where you cannot stop going to the Thought of Love.

In another post (this one already came out a bit brick hehe) I will talk about the Lisbon nightclubs to complete the day and night in Lisbon.

Two last notes: if your visit to Lisbon is on a Tuesday or Saturday, a visit to the Feira da Ladra is a must, a flea market where you can find all kinds of objects. If it's a Sunday and you go as a couple or family, a visit to Bethlehem (ummm those cakes) or the Field of Nations.

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