If you are considering making a getaway to PolandKrakow will undoubtedly be a must-see on your itinerary, since it is considered one of the country's main attractions. Also, if you have little time, don't worry because today we bring you Krakow in one day! A list with the most essential sites and plans that you can see or do if you decide to deviate a little from your route through central Europe and head to one of the main destinations in the country. Ready? WE TAKE OFF!

It never hurts to have a Warsaw in 1 day at your fingertips if what you are looking for is to get to know the Polish country

Essential places in Krakow 

In the morning

Recharged batteries, comfortable shoes and camera with battery and memory ready? If so, great! because we are starting our tourist visit and these three cannot be missing on a day like this.

Krakow is a very touristy city, so we recommend starting the day early to make the most of your visit.

We will start the day by heading to the Vistula River area, where after crossing it we reach the Wawel Castle, one of the greatest symbols of Krakow. In addition, this castle is characteristic for having a dragon sculpture in its area, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of Krakow, with the river at your feet. It offers the possibility of visit the castle, but it is true that it takes many hours so organize yourself well.

Advancing along this same route, you will approach the Cathedral, from where we also have an incredible perspective of Krakow and one of the places that you cannot miss. Likewise, you will be able to see that this cathedral has a small curiosity, a small entrance to the crypt of the cathedral, which everyone can access and, furthermore, it has no cost.

If, on the other hand, you decide to also visit the tower and the tombs, that entrance fee will have a small cost, 12 PLN = 2.83 euros, so it's not such a bad price, right?

Visits to the cathedral are only allowed from 12:30 to 16:45 or in the afternoon otherwise, since the rest of the morning they are holding masses

So, if you prefer to visit the cathedral in the afternoon but you can't think of what to do while you wait, don't worry because we have a small recommendation for you: head towards the center. You will pass through the calle Grodzka, one of the most famous streets in Krakow and one of the best places to buy souvenirs, if you decide to bring small details to your friends and family.

Where to eat in Krakow

Continuing on your route through the Polish city, we advise you to go to the famous Marketplace. Considered the largest medieval square in Europe and also one of the most beautiful. You will find a variety of places, which we advise you not to miss, although we also warn you that it will take time, since in this square the atmosphere is always present.

To get to the square, we recommend that you take the Kanonicza street, where you will begin to see the characteristic architecture of Krakow. Likewise, you will find the first milk restaurant or Pod Aniolamitraditional Polish food restaurants, where dishes and menus are served at very reasonable prices. Likewise, if what you want is to try all the Polish cuisine possible, we advise you to participate in one of the numerous culinary tastings that this site offers.

In the afternoon

Once you have recharged your batteries with that good Polish gastronomy, we recommend that you go to the Cloth Hall, one of the best places in Krakow for you to do your shopping, since you will see a variety of stalls that sell a number of souvenirs and products from the area, so that you do not forget your trip to the city.

Likewise, in the same square you will find the Basilica of Saint Mary, one of the most essential visits in the city. This basilica is totally recognizable in the square, both for its profile and for its two towers, of different heights, which you can climb and from where you can enjoy the most incredible views of the city.

Because it never hurts to have one guide at the reach of your hand

Furthermore, another of the most representative images of the square is the Tower of the Old Town Hall, where you can go up and enjoy more views of the city but from another perspective of the tower of the Basilica of Santa María.

If you decide to visit this city in the month of August, you will coincide with the Pierogi Festival, a traditional Polish dish, which will help you kill the itch while you walk through the square. You will find it in the various stands that are established around these dates throughout the square. One of the best-known varieties of this dish is fried and you will find it at a very affordable price for all budgets, 7 PLN = 1.65 euros.

At night

Since not everything is kicking, kicking and kicking, but there are also other ways to enjoy a city, today we bring you one that you will surely like a lot: getting to know the city at the pace of moving. And a day of tourism cannot end without a small dose of partying, and even less so in a city that is considered one of the most university-oriented, right?

Because the Poles really know how to throw a party, here we leave you the 5 university cities with the best party atmosphere, a TOP on your trip through central Europe

The most popular streets for clubbing are Florianska and Szewska And if what you are looking for are clubs frequented by university students, both local and foreign, we recommend that you go to Afera and Prozak. The latter is considered one of the largest in Krakow and one of the few with a good atmosphere even on Mondays.

Krakow is tailor-made for those who want everything at once. In fact, everything you may need will be found in just a few kilometers of narrow streets that form the center of the city and around one of the main squares: Rynek Głowny. In Krakow, to start warming up their engines, university students usually start with the city's specialty: beer and vodka! Both at guaranteed quality and price.

Another of the greatest recommendations of this city is that you hold the pre-party in Carpe Diem II . A local, classic Krakow pub, located underground in a stone-walled cellar and a number of rooms. Beer is cheap (8 zloty = 2 euros for a pint of beer).

And, lastly, to put the icing on the cake, we couldn't miss a good place to rest and recharge our batteries so we can continue our trip with strength. Hotels of all types and for all tastes and budgets, depending on what each of you wants.

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