Warsaw in one day

If you are thinking of taking a short getaway to get rid of the feeling of "I want to travel, I want to travel," today we show you what to see in Warsaw in one day. Take notes and don't forget any details. We are already prepared, flights purchased, suitcases almost packed and a lot of desire to arrive, don't be left behind!

In this small city in Poland you will be surprised by the wonderful places you can find. Although, when we think of Warsaw it is impossible not to remember the bloody history that lives at its foundations. Warsaw will enchant you from the first moment. Do you want to start the adventure now? Here we go Europe!

In the morning

If Warsaw is not the only stop you will make on this getaway, you won't want to miss the 6 essential places on your trip to Poland.

With a good breakfast behind us, a great day awaits us. Depending on what time of year you visit Warsaw, you can find sunny days or even a heavy snowfall, making your trip even more incredible. To start our day and our tour of Warsaw right, there is nothing better than seeing the city from a bird's eye view.

He Palace of Culture and Science It is a gift that Stalin left to this city and by going up to its 30th floor you can contemplate the panoramic view of this beautiful city. This building is one of the largest in Poland, it is 237 meters high. Can you imagine the people from up there? They will be little ants!

I would continue our route to see the famous largest park in all of Poland, the Lazienkowski Park. In this park you will have pleasant surprises with every step you take. The first without a doubt is the unusual place that will open before your eyes, the nature, lakes, palaces and animals that live in that park make you feel vibrations of joy, calm and tranquility. It is beautiful at all times of the year and in summer they hold concerts in honor of Chopin.

Perhaps visiting museums is not what you like the most, but without a doubt in Poland, you have to immerse yourself in its history, get to know it and understand everything that has happened. That is why it is important to see the Warsaw Uprising Museum the first days of your trip, to understand that what you see was built again as it was before. A great success!

Where to eat in Warsaw

If you are a university student and you are in the middle of your year of studies in this magnificent city, don't even think about missing the 8 must-dos of your Erasmus in Warsaw. Will you be able to check each and every one of them? For them!

After so much walking through the streets of Warsaw, you are surely dying of hunger. Do you want a travel recommendation? Take advantage of eating traditional food from each city or country, you will be fascinated by the different flavors.

He restaurant Portretrowa It is a traditional Polish food restaurant, where you can taste tasty meats and its star dish, duck. There are also other quality and affordable restaurants such as Delicia Polska. Reservations are recommended if you want to avoid lines!

Leave a little room for desserts, Manekin Restaurant It will not disappoint you with its sweet and savory crepes. There's a line to get in! And if you want to know the Milk Bars, in Polish known as ““Bar mleczny” You will discover from the inside what the old Soviet dining rooms were like, and you will also be able to taste homemade food at incredible prices.

In the afternoon

For all those university students who believe that traveling with their classmates can be much more than sunbathing on the beaches of the Caribbean, here we leave you the best alternatives for the end-of-degree trip.

Seeing Warsaw in one day is a time trial. Surely you want to see a thousand and one things, but you have to know how to choose what is most important. The Warsaw Old Town It is a World Heritage Site, Its streets rebuilt after the war respecting its previous appearance, make this city unique in its entirety. Getting lost in these streets for a couple of hours is undoubtedly one of the best plans to do on our visit. In this area you will find the Royal Castle, the Plaza and the Barbican. In addition to one of the curious places in Warsaw, a street that has free Wi-Fi, it is near Krakowskie Przedmiescie Avenue.

The Old Town Square of the Old City It is undoubtedly a perfect place, whether in winter for its skating rink or in spring - summer for its large terraces. Very close to this square we will find the St. John's Cathedral, a historic building from the year 1390. Without walking much further we find the city wall and its barbican, orAn incredible place to see at sunset or at night with all the lights illuminating it.

At night

If you are not sure where to go out, but you know that you want to have a party in style, we recommend the most famous nightclubs in Warsaw Fun will be guaranteed!

Do you still feel like partying? Warsaw will not disappoint you! You can find the most varied and modern bars, pubs and clubs you can find. Polyester Coffee It is close to the Old City, a place to go to open your senses with its different cocktails and tapas to snack on.

But if you want to enjoy live music, go to Klub Proxima one of the most fashionable venues where you can see performances by local, national and foreign rock bands. You can not lose this!

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