They say that where there are students, there is a good party. Although we agree with the saying, it cannot be denied that some European university cities stand out especially for their nightlife. In this article, our friends at Uniplaces, they introduce us the 5 European university cities with the best party atmosphere.



The party atmosphere in the Hungarian capital has become famous in the rest of Europe, thanks to its ruin bars. What were once abandoned and empty buildings are now the most diverse, bizarre and fun bars and nightclubs. As if that were not enough, it is officially one of the European cities where drinking alcohol is cheapest, since the average price of a beer does not reach €2. Szimpla Kert is a place of true worship among residents and visiting travelers and one of the first ruin bars to open in Budapest.


Bristol board

In terms of variety of venues, there is no British city that surpasses London, although Bristol is not far behind. It is one of the most dynamic university destinations in the country, with an intense cultural and leisure agenda and an unbeatable party atmosphere at much more affordable prices than the capital. Some of the favorite places of local students are Lakota and Lola Lo, the latter with very cheap drinks and open until three in the morning. Another essential part of the university night in Bristol is Thekla, a curious nightclub located on a boat and with drink deals on Thursday nights.


Poles really know how to throw a party and, if not, ask the university students in Krakow, a small city, but full of bars and clubs. Alcoholic drinks are some of the cheapest in Europe, so you have to be careful not to go overboard with the local vodka. The most popular streets for clubbing are Florianska and Szewska and two of the clubs frequented by local and foreign university students are Afera and Prozak, the latter considered one of the largest in Krakow and one of the few with a good atmosphere even on Mondays.

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