Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Mallorca

What do you think if this time we go to an island to celebrate the bachelorette party? The time has come to feel like we did when we traveled to Mallorca after finishing selectivity! Only this time the excuse will be different, although who are we kidding? Any excuse is good to put celebration mode ON! And if it is one bachelorette party in Mallorca, even more. For this reason, today we want to review a few ideas for a bachelorette party in Mallorca.

And since the original and different must be in order, what do you think if we review these 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party?

jet skis

Who doesn't like a little excitement and speed in life? If what we want is to survive the summer heat while giving a “light” touch of adrenaline to the day, then A day on jet skis is what we need! The perfect plan to disconnect from everyday life, relax and have fun while we ride the waves of the sea. Who doesn't sound like a good plan? The best of all? That we can enjoy an incredible time while getting to know the most remote points of the island.

Boat Party

Boat parties are definitely one of the most requested plans this year! Is it because it is one of the best ways to welcome the good weather? Because they are unforgettable? Or for the adventure of jumping into the sea? Be that as it may, the day will be unforgettable, full of surprises and with a glass of cava in hand. Who's signing up?

Catamaran ride

And in a flash the joy was formed! Although this time, a little calmer! A few beers, our favorite music and if we see that we want to add a spicy touch to the day, we can bring a stripper on board. As much as it is a catamaran ride, it can be as calm as we want or not, although with a captain on board, it is difficult to resist!

Under the sea

Fun and adventure under the sea have never been so hand in hand! The southwest area of Mallorca and its surroundings enjoy the privilege of having some crystal clear and calm waters, with one of the richest ecosystems in Mediterranean fauna and a wide variety of incredible underwater landscapes, caves and cliffs. We will be able to see groupers, croakers, mulberry trees, barracudas, etc. In short, quite an experience doing snorkeling while a monitor supervises us.

between jets

Because not everything has to be unforgettable party nights and many times the moments that are most enjoyed are those in which we relax and disconnect from our daily lives. What are we referring to? Still exclusive day for us at a spa, where we can enjoy all kinds of massages, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and other activities such as steam baths, saunas or chocolate wraps.


Because even friends get togethers we know how they start but not how they can end and even less so, if there is a tuppersex in the middle! All attention will be directed to the main protagonist of the farewell…the suitcase! A suitcase full of surprises and from which a specialist in the field will take out numerous products, articles...because the best thing is to know yourself.

Gin Tonic Course

Special bachelorette party for the most creative people! But this time between gin and tonic glasses! It's time to give a cheerful touch to the night while we learn how to make the most requested digestive cocktail of the moment. Because despite its popularity and how easy it seems to do, many people fail to reach the perfect point.


Who doesn't want to become the queen of the road for a day? Or better yet, experience speed in its purest form? Can you think of a better way to release all the adrenaline together than by doing some Formula 1 races inside a Kart circuit? Overtaking, speed and competition for an unforgettable experience. Mario and Luigi at our side will look like real turtles.

paddle surfing

Because falling into the water in the middle of the summer months can be a pleasure! Just like admiring a sunset At mallorca, from the center of the sea it may seem like a dream. Well, this is more possible than we think since we only have to organize an exclusive class of paddle surfing for us and long live the bachelorette parties! For the initiated, paddle surfing is a new sport that consists of maintaining balance on a board and moving with a paddle. Simple right?

On wheels

And last but not least,a farewell on wheels! Who doesn't want a day in the purest Carrie Bradshaw style? Queens of the night, a limousine ride in the purest chic style and with a glass of cava in hand while we visit the most emblematic places in the city. Come on, what else, but going unnoticed that night won't exactly be the goal!

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