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Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Madrid

April is the ideal month to start going to terraces, getting tanned and organizing that Bachelorette party to our friend who abandons the good life! And what better place will there be to celebrate it than in Madrid? Furthermore, as we want both the bride and us to remember this day forever, today we are going to dedicate ourselves to reviewing Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid. 

Also, like good bachelorette parties, there is only one in a lifetime, what do you think if we also review the 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party?

 Organize a cooking workshop

10 ideas for bachelorette parties_cooking workshop

Caught red handed! For the most “cooky” farewells we have a great plan: A cooking workshop! And the time has come to give a sweet, salty or even spicy touch to that bachelorette party. Tapas, chocolate or more exotic workshops such as sushi, Thai food or even a Trompe l'oeil special. Let your imagination run wild!

In addition to a few good laughs, success at your next dinners with friends will be more than assured. Ready to brag about your own “Michelin Star”?

Our dear friends De Olla y Pan have a lot of options to organize a private cooking workshop for your farewell.

Telephone: 917265967 / 639835299

Outdoor escape room

Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

If you are a group that doesn't like to stand still, we have a great plan that is trending this season, an escape room! Of course, we have the most original escape room in Madrid, where you will not try to leave a room, but rather you will face the city of Madrid, its people (infiltrated actors who will try to help you... or not!) in order to clarify a fact.

If you are a big party person, you will have to convince the spirit of the 80s movement that he does not leave Madrid or if you are one of those who has seen the ET movie on countless occasions, you will also have the opportunity to help ET escape from the authorities on his return to earth... and you are not the only ones celebrating, this time ET has come to celebrate his birthday.

2 hours ahead to explore the decade of the 80s either through music or cinema. Ready?

Our colleagues Virginia and Gullermo are the creators of this original escape room with theater through the streets of the capital. More than 3,000 people have been tested with them, and “The Secret of Madrid” is hooked!

Therefore, if you are thinking about surprise the bride, is the perfect option since it totally personalize thinking about the bride. You will only have to tell our colleagues what the bride likes and what she doesn't, her concerns and her dreams, and voila! the perfect goodbye. Of course, we recommend that you reserve your ticket in advance.

Telephone: 691 267 385

Bollywood Workshop

Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

Tonight we dance Bollywood ne the best nightclubs in Madrid!

Do you want to organize an original bachelorette party in Madrid? Well, what better way could there be than a belly dance class? And move your hips! The perfect excuse to share a moment full of magic, good vibes and lots of laughter among friends. intense classes 60 or 90 minutes, where we can perform everything from hip-centered or more aerobic movements to arm-centered movements.


Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

And it was time to relax and above all for the bride to relax with so much pre-wedding stress. So, what do you think if we go to a Hamman located in the heart of the capital? During 1.5 hours, we can take the treatment that we like the most: relaxing bath, relaxing bath and massage, traditional baths and kessa, relaxing bath and double massage, Al Andalus bath and ritual or Almudaina bath and ritual. AND Bye bye stress!

Tapas and wine bar

Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

An unbeatable experience in which we will combine a wine tasting and a tasting of dishes prepared under the tapa concept. It lasts 2 and a half hours and is specially designed for those groups of people who are looking to have a different time tasting wines with an elegant touch and, above all, out of the ordinary. The best of all? It is located in the heart of Madrid so when we finish there will be no excuse not to go out and party!

beauty party

Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

Who said you couldn't combine beauty, relaxation and lots of fun in the same afternoon? Well in the beauty party we can do it! Beauty and leisure in Madrid, a perfect combination to give that chic and special touch to a Bachelorette party in the purest “Sex and the City” style. Not only that, but we can also choose from several beauty menus to feel our most beautiful.

Dinner with show

Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

If what we want is to make a difference, these 5 restaurants for farewell parties in Madrid It's what we were looking for.

What we want is an original and fun bachelorette party? So, our ideal plan is adinner with show! We can choose from a variety of shows that will fill the atmosphere and the night with eroticism and humor! Open bar night, fully participatory shows, contests and prizes! Who's signing up?


Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

Looking for something that we are 100% guaranteed to be fun and crazy? So we can't miss this one gymkhana in Madrid. For 2 hours we will carry out 9 tests that will be full of action and fun throughout the capital, from Plaza de España to Puerta del Sol divided into teams. In short, the perfect excuse to give the bride a little hesitation! 

Bubble Football

Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

Sport, originality and fun? So, our perfect bachelorette party is the bubble football. The latest fashion in bachelor parties! They will divide us into teams, they will give us the bibs, the bubbles and let the game begin! In addition, we can choose if we want the match to be in a closed field or outdoors. How many of you are already imagining yourself inside the bubble?


Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

And since it couldn't be missing from any bachelorette party, what better plan could there be than dancing on wheels? A discobus that for 1 hour you will be walking the streets of Madrid while we dance to the music of the moment and enjoy a drink or a good cava. Who's signing up?

The voice

Ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid

How many of you are thinking about getting revenge on that future bride-to-be who always records you in your worst moments? Well with one surprise night at karaoke, we have revenge and the best bachelorette party prepared! Plus, it's a lot of fun and one of the best ways to release adrenaline. No? Have you tried singing Eloise by Tino Casal? Well that. Let's show who our voice is!

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