Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Valencia

What if we change the rebujito for paella? A farewell with our lifelong friends in style in the City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia) who's signing up? The time has come to get closer to the beach and a totally Mediterranean climate. And why not? To organize a bachelorette party in Valencia! Furthermore, if we see that we are short of imagination we can always review these ideas for a bachelorette party in Valencia and let's see if the light bulb lights up!

And since surprises must be in order, what do you think if we review these 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party?

Boat tour 

What do we see that both the bride and we want a more aquatic party? So, our tailored plan to celebrate the end of being single is a Boat tour. The best way to welcome the arrival of good weather, what do you think? Without a doubt, the bride will adore us and we will not forget this day. A little cava or champagne, sunbathe, try the best food on board and why not? A little adventure, launching into the sea! And if we want the spiciest point, then a stripper on board cannot be missing!


From raising the flag on the high seas to docking and approaching the beach, in one jump! In Valencia all this and much more is possible! Who's going to put the pedal to the metal? kart in a group race?
You will see in its purest form the most competitive part of some of your friends and also the most cautious part of others... pure spectacle!
If you like strong emotions, this is a way to go from 0 to 100 😀

Dance studio

That we are more dancers and we dance to any type of music they play for us? So, our best plan for a bachelorette party is adance studio! For an hour and a half we will be moving our hips to the rhythm of the best oriental or Tahitian music (depending on what we feel like). And there will be no excuse not to go out and give it your all. the best clubs in Valencia.

Pole Dance

And if you like different and risky things more than exotic things, we changed the oriental or Tahitian dance workshop that we mentioned before for spins and pirouettes on the pole. Just as it sounds! The latest fashion in farewells to try the pole dance.
Although at first it may seem a little strange... you will see that in a matter of minutes you already control basic turns. Once you learn the steps, it is time to create a choreography. Ready?

dinner night

A more comical night? Or a spicier night? How do we prefer it to be ours? dinner with show? The perfect combination of good food, some beers, an unforgettable show and ending up giving it your all at a nightclub. Never has a dinner been so unforgettable, different and original! Furthermore, if we want to keep the bride blushing all night, we can always add some costumes, a private room or venue and organize it to the bride's liking!

beauty party

Manicure, pedicure, a little makeup... and toast with a glass of champagne. Getting away from the busy work life has never been better! Furthermore, both the bride and we deserve to pamper ourselves a little (quite a bit) from time to time and that is why, and because feeling Carrie Bradshaw is unbeatable, that a beauty party It is one of the best options for a farewell party!

Catamaran party

Aquatic plans are the order of the day! And if it is one catamaran party with food along the coast of Valencia is a real joy! Music, catering and drinks, the best choice to celebrate a farewell, get tanned and welcome the summer as you deserve it! And to keep things going, we will have a DJ who will entertain and encourage us throughout the day.


Stolen and posed! You were clear that when one of your friends got married, the farewell would be epic, so... what better than being the focus of all the flashes 🙂
Prepare your best outfits because we are going to do one of the most trendy activities... A professional photographer will take the best photos of you in the best-known places in Valencia but also in the most secret ones!
The Photo sessions They are increasingly in demand at farewell parties... because... how long has it been since you took quality photos with your best friends? Who can say no to a plan like that?

private sailboat

We recognize it! We love the private sailboats. Go out, sail, swim, eat while looking at the coast and try a little snorkeling... Sailboats have a multitude of opportunities.
It is a perfect way to get away from the busy beaches and anchor in impressive coves that are impossible to reach except by boat.
Sun, music, sea and good company. Can you really miss a farewell?

Private spa

The best remedy for nights of debauchery, without a doubt! Because what better idea than to relax in a jacuzzi, enjoy a massage or take advantage and have a slightly more special treatment to return home like a rose.
An intimate place for you to have a post-farewell gathering. How many new anecdotes will come out of this private spa?

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