10 Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Barcelona

The good weather is coming and with it, the beginning of the wedding and bachelorette party season! What better place will there be to celebrate it than in a cosmopolitan city with a beach? Furthermore, as we want both the bride and us to remember this day forever, today we are going to dedicate ourselves to reviewing 10 ideas for a bachelorette party in Barcelona.  That? Are we leaving bachelorette party in Barcelona?

Also, like good bachelorette parties, there is only one in a lifetime, what do you think if we also review the 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party?

1. Photo booth

In addition, the photo booth is a 10 idea not only for the farewell, but for the wedding itself. What do you think if all your friends surprise the couple by giving them a photo booth on their wedding day? What face do you think the couple would make?

We have to recognize that this activity is a trend in the coolest weddings... so ATTENTION COUPLES! You can also surprise your guests with a photo booth. The best way for guests to get to know each other in a different way between colorful boas and fun phrases!

1, 2, 3… flash!

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2. Adventure farewell

We are a rather adventurous group of friends? So, our perfect bachelorette party is a Gymkhana! We will be able to challenge each other and have a great and totally different time. The perfect combination of lots of activity with beastly tests and guaranteed fun! In addition, we can choose from a multi-adventure activity, paintball, karts to a banana boat (ideal for cooling off in times of high temperatures).

3. Relaxing farewell

Thinking a little about the bride, this can be one of the best plans for her farewell. What are you very stressed? Well, what better way to compensate for so much effort and stress than with a grand tribute in a spa? Furthermore, if we want we can combine it with any other activity (cava, appetizers...). Come on, a very complete afternoon-night!

4. Farewell with rhythm

How many of us have dreamed of being authentic professional dancers? Like JLO, Beyoncé or Bruno Mars! Or even go full Christina Aguilera in the purest burlesque and cabaret style? So, our ideal bachelorette party will be a dance workshop of the musical style we prefer. What will be our best option?

Thinking about going out to party at the most VIP nightclubs in Barcelona?

Find out which places are the easiest to flirt and get in for free!

5. Farewell between mojitos and crazy

Toast and snack in a winning combination, take note! 5 restaurants for farewell parties in Barcelona!

Lovers of cocktails and mojitos above all, this bachelorette party is tailor-made for us. An activity in which laughter and fun will be guaranteed. And in this workshop a professional cocktail maker will explain to us step by step how to prepare the perfect mojito! In addition, we can choose if we want the workshop to take place at our home or if we prefer to go to the premises ourselves.

6. Those wonderful years

Who wouldn't want to feel like a little girl again? Well, for once we have the ideal excuse, because we can celebrate the bachelorette party in a chiquipark! How does the idea sound to you? Slides, ball pools, trampolines, inflatables...combined with a bar where we can refresh ourselves with a drink that cheers us up at night and recover energy with pizzas, hamburgers... As I said, like little girls for a day!

7. Photo session

Outside or inside, anything goes! It's time to capture this bachelorette party forever. How? With a fun full photo session in a group. Ready to show off your best side in front of the camera? With XL props, or without them, laughter is guaranteed.

8. From bar to bar 

If the goal is to dance until dawn, the Barcelona nightclubs They offer the best songs of the moment regardless of the style: rock, reggeton, salsa...

What do you think of a bachelorette party that combines culture with partying to the max? Well, that is possible thanks to the gymkhana or bar crawl. With this bachelorette party we will be able to tour the most representative streets and neighborhoods of Barcelona where we will have to pass increasingly fun tests. From locating monuments, discovering the secrets of the city... while we stop along the way at the odd bar. How does the idea sound to you?

9. Boat party 

From the boat you can enjoy the best views of the coast, but... if this weekend you also want to take the best photos of Barcelona, we will tell you what they are. the best viewpoints in Barcelona.

Catamaran with a DJ who will liven up the night with the latest music of the moment and an open bar. These are the bachelorette parties on the high seas! The perfect plan if we have the farewell in the middle of summer or at the beginning of good weather. Who's signing up?

10. Farewell between forks

And what better excuse to extend the tribute to the bride than a Sunday morning brunch? In Barcelona, we can find a series of characteristic places to offer the best brunches from the city. Will we be able to opt for one in particular?

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