Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Bilbao

This time, with the excuse that we are going to celebrate the Bachelorette party from our friend, we have decided to head to the land of kabenzotz and endless pintxo bars. Do you know what destination we are talking about? Nothing more and nothing less thanBilbao! Although on these dates, it attracts more attention to go “down there”, we have decided to break the rules and that is why we are going “up there”. So who dares to get lost in the north? Furthermore, so as not to get bored here we have various ideas for a bachelorette party in Bilbao.

And since these days, the bride only deserves better, here we have (extra) 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party so you never forget a day like this!


This farewell plan is tailor-made for all our adventurous friends. Those who need an adrenaline rush as if it were their daily bread and since it couldn't be missed, their bachelorette party was going to be nothing less. Plus, this plan brings the best of both worlds, heights and not die from the heat. Because although the north is not known for being hot, summer is and we know well that there will be no one to stop us when it comes to taking the most anticipated dip of the year. How many adventurers will we get together?


A true plan of heights! Here it is no longer enough for the bride to be adventurous. Courage, not fear of heights and adrenaline, must be the order of the day. In short, the perfect gift for a bride who is a little stressed and nervous with all the preparations, since after this she will arrive as new on the long-awaited day and, above all, much more relaxed.

Laser Tag

This activity will never go out of style since it is the perfect combination of action and tension release. If what we are looking for is laughter, quick reactions and strategic thinking, then we should not miss the opportunity to organize a farewell between laser guns.


How many friends do we have who like speed in its purest form? Well, if there are more than one, then there will be no better bachelorette party than one between wheels. It is the ideal moment to demonstrate who controls and commands on the road, in true Fernando Alonso style while we live an unforgettable experience burning the engine in these karts. Who's up for a little competition?


The time has come to organize ourselves in groups and fight with our friends based on paintballs! The idea of this game is quite simple: either defeat the opposing team or achieve an objective, such as capturing a flag. The perfect plan if we are a group of at least 10 people.


The perfect excuse to have another adventure to tell in the future! Since our friend is going to embark on the adventure of getting married, what better way to say goodbye to being single than with another adventure? In the end, adventure bachelorette parties should be the order of the day at any bachelorette party.


There are times in life when you have to rest from the hard daily life, from the various adventures and, above all, from organizing a wedding. Therefore, we believe that there is no better way to compensate our friend for so much effort, work and dedication than a full day at the spa, where the biggest concern you will have will be enjoying yourself.


These types of meetings are known when they start but never when they end and if we add the spicy and fun touch, even less so! The time has come to celebrate the bachelorette party and since we are learning a little about a specialist in the field which, based on articles and gadgets, will teach us to get to know each other a little better throughout the afternoon. Ready for an afternoon of anecdotes?

Dinner with show 

One of the most classic and traditional options, but no less fun! In fact, it will be an event and a night that will not go unnoticed. Which option will best suit our friend? End the night with a comedy show where laughter will be guaranteed? Or better, do we opt for the spicy touch of the night? Furthermore, if we want to complement it with a touch of glamour, we just have to add an unforgettable limousine ride.

Balloon ride

And since we have started with excitement and adventure, why don't we end the same? But this time with a calmer and lower risk plan, where if we want we can enjoy a snack, a glass of cava and unbeatable views from any viewpoint. Surely one bachelorette party in balloon It will be something our friend will never forget.

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