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Havana in one day

Havana, that destination dreamed of by many and that can be possible with The Fun Plan. The capital of cuba and its political and financial center is one of the essential on a trip through the country of Caribbean, although sometimes the time to explore its streets may be limited. That is why we bring you a series of recommendations for visit Havana in one day and not miss the most emblematic places. Shall we begin?

Recommended Tours

In the morning

Havana Streets

He historic helmet of the city is reduced to 4 square kilometers of special corners, museums, monuments and charming streets that will make you fall in love without a doubt. However, if you only have one day to visit, it is recommended organize a route with the most important places since seeing everything will be practically impossible. Starting with the mythical neighborhood of Old Havana, the most restored area, you can have a coffee in the well-known Artists Cafe to gain strength and mark the points you want to see. In this sense, you can visit the famous Cathedral Square, the Main Square, that of San Francisco and the Old Square. And it is that walking during the day through its four colonial squares, connected to each other by narrow streets and charming cobblestones, is priceless.

Where to eat

A recommended option is visit the paladares, small Cuban restaurants that are spread throughout Havana, such as San Cristóbal. Although the gastronomic offer is not very high, the truth is that the flavor is impressive, so they are worth a visit. Among the typical dishes, you cannot leave Cuba without trying its Old clothes, the most representative Cuban dish, as well as the Moors and Christians: In this case, the black beans are served with fluffy white rice. Furthermore, for vegetarians the option of yucca and a special sauce mojo It's interesting.

In the afternoon

After leaving Old Havana behind, it is time to approach the Havana Center to discover other unique places. Mandatory are the stops in the University of Havana and the Revolution Square with the famous mural of Che Guevara and the Memorial to José Martí. However, by speeding up your pace a little you can enter the National Capitol of Cuba, one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, very similar to the Washington Capitol. Additionally, you can stop by Museum of the Revolution and that of Fine arts to admire the Cuban history and culture. Towards sunset, it is advisable to walk through the Pier to observe one of the best sunsets of your lives. Its almost 8 kilometers in length will seem eternal, but each of its corners will hide a different story.

At night

In Cuba there will never be a lack of party and fun, so the nightly offering will be very varied. It will not even be necessary to step into a bar, since in many cases music moves to the streets through scheduled or improvised concerts. However, some recommended sites are Tropicana, an open-air cabaret with Cuban music and lots of color, or The Turquino, the best place to wear out our hips dancing salsa all night.

If you are willing to dance salsa and fall in love with Ropa Vieja, Cuba is waiting for you on the other side of the pond. What are you waiting for?

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