We know. You are tired of doing what everyone else does: Riviera Maya, Cancun, Cuba...exotic destinations saturated by the high demand of students. You are looking for something different but you don't know what... We have it! What do you think about taking a cruise around the Mediterranean to celebrate the end of exams?

A fashionable #funplan fresh out of the oven, with possibilities to celebrate your end of year or even your end of career. Just imagine: a ship loaded with students wanting to have a great time, arriving at the most incredible cities in the Mediterranean like Rome, Florence or Monaco... Have we convinced you?

University Cruise


Put away your notes, grab your straw hat and let's go on a cruise! This 2018 we have 2 cruises exclusively for students departing from Barcelona on April 2 and April 9. Forget about having a couple from Imserso in the next cabin. They will be a group like you wanting to have a scary time.

You can see all the details of this cruise for university students in the following link. IMPORTANT! At The Fun Plan we have quadruple, triple and double cabins with the best prices, but we are running out! 🙁 If you are really interested in this option, hurry up! and contact us so as not to be left without your cabin.

ALL INCLUSIVE. In these 2 departures, as you get on board you will completely not worry about spending, you will already have everything paid for! Whether you want to party for 24 hours or if you prefer to play a sport, enjoy a show or make the rounds of restaurants... Forget about taking your wallet!

End of year cruise

Your last year in high school? You can say goodbye to classes in the best possible way on board a cruise. Furthermore, this way you can take the opportunity to meet new people and who knows, you might even meet them at the university or in the module you plan to study!

For you we have more departures, also from Barcelona. The dates are as follows:

  • March: 26
  • April: 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30
  • May: 4, 11, 18, 25
  • June: 4, 11, 18, 25

Take a look at all the information about these departures of this end-of-year cruise through the Mediterranean on our website. We also have limited places with the best prices, so you cannot neglect yourself, since cabins are already starting to become scarce on several departures. Don't stay on the ground!

In case you still have doubts, Julio, our cruise specialist, helps you clear them up in the following video:

#Funplan for tastes and colors

After knowing the dates of the departures, where they sail from and what they include, the vast majority of you who have not yet gone on a cruise ask us, but what do you really do on a cruise? To try to anticipate this question a little, we will tell you 😉

Routes through cities


Do you want to go visit cities? What do you think of the Mediterranean coast? You can visit cities like the beautiful Pompellas in Naples, Rome, Florence, Pisa... but also exotic destinations like Tunisia and its coastal town of white houses in Sidi Bou Said.

Sport activities

Are you one of the sports lovers? In that case you can rest assured, since on board the cruises for students you have a wide range of sports on offer: paddle tennis courts, climbing walls, swimming pool, gym... Even athletics tracks! It's incredible but true, anything can happen on a cruise!

Pools and spa

Pool and Spa on a cruise

You prefer to relax... It's your place! You can spend the day lying in a hammock on one of the 12 decks of the floating ships, sunbathing in the pool with views of the sea and in the afternoon go to relax at the spa;)


Like what relaxation?! I want to party! And who doesn't? Nightclubs, Broadway shows, bars, restaurants, a wide range of options that won't let you complain about the lack of partying. There's a reason it's a cruise for students! In addition, you can have a 24-hour non-stop party, for the most daring!

Ok, Mediterranean cruises are cool, but are there cruises in other seas?

Europe Cruises

Big question! Well, since we are talking about cruises, we will tell you about it. This season there are 2 other cruises that are a little more expensive but otherwise impressive.

Caribbean Cruise

Doesn't sound bad right? And the price… it is also relative, it can cost you around €800! Without tips (€72) or excursions, which are optional. But taking into account that they include the plane from Madrid and that it is all inclusiveThe truth is that many of our groups are choosing this option instead of the typical Riviera Maya or Punta Cana, since it is better priced and they visit different parts of the Caribbean.

The scheduled departures this season are March 10 and April 7, 2018. Take a look on our website at everything that this piece of Caribbean cruise includes and if you have any questions, ask us, we know all the details of this cruise perfectly.

Greek Islands Cruise

The Greek Islands. The Adriatic Sea. A 1TP5 cruise Telsueñodeanyone

We are not going to deceive you. For students, The departure that does not escape the price this season is the one on April 23, 2018. The rest, due to A or B, end up being very expensive. Buuuut if your group was thinking of traveling on those dates, don't give it any more thought! Check out what this Greek Islands cruise includes and get on board!

FINAL NOTE: If you are one of those who are not good at languages, Don't worry! On cruises in the Mediterranean, all the cruise crew speak perfect Spanish and on those in the Caribbean and Greek Islands, many of them speak it perfectly.

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