Last course of the race, nerves on edge, it's time to start preparing... your end-of-course trip! From The Fun Plan as specialists in group trips, we present our university travel catalog with #funplanes for tastes and colors. More than 20 destinations to choose from: for lovers of the sun and beaches of the Caribbean, Ibiza partygoers, lovers of European culture and those who prefer to party around Europe or go on a cruise. Fasten your seat belt, we're leaving!

Final year trip to the Caribbean, all included!

final year trip to the caribbean

The classic to go to in the months between February and April. Paradise beaches, crystal clear waters, cenotes, water sports, and lots of partying! What do you prefer? Cancun, Riviera Maya or Dominican Republic? Riviera Maya is a perfect end of year trip, we assure you! Paradise in person with excursions where you will discover the best of Mayan culture. But if you don't want to spend so much money and enjoy beaches that are just as paradisiacal, we recommend Punta Cana. We will tell you the differences between one destination and the other in the following post.

End of course on a cruise

End of year cruise trip

It's the latest fashion, and the seats are flying! Your end-of-year trip with friends is the perfect excuse to embark on this unique and unparalleled adventure. A cruise ship whose crew are all students like you. Apart from the party that you will celebrate under the seal of All inclusive, you can take the opportunity to visit cities like Rome, Florence, Monaco, Naples…You will not be disappointed! If you want to know all our April, May and June cruises, don't miss this post.

Tailor-made end of course in Europe

If you don't have a set date, you want to skip the usual thing and do it on your own with your colleagues, this is your #funplan! You choose the destination and we offer you the best #funplanes adapted to your tastes and needs: the hostel, a boat party, reservations at nightclubs, city routes... That's why our motto for this type of trip is Be Independent! We have #funplans tailored to different destinations in Europe:  Lisbon, Ibiza, Albufeira, Amsterdam…and any place you suggest! Just tell you that they are our #funstarplanes;)

End of Race in Europe

Tailor-made trip through Europe

The final trip to Central Europe is in fashion among university students who are looking for a good mix between culture and party 😉

Quite the opposite of Be Independent, if you prefer to have everything done for you and not even worry about the flight... Don't miss the European tours! We invite you to discover the imperial route from Vienna, via Prague to Berlin or enjoy the magic of the Netherlands from Paris, passing through Brussels and Antwerp to Amsterdam.

A different end of career

Final year trip to Tunisia

Do you really want something different? Neither the Caribbean nor Europe convince you? We then invite you to get on a plane to… Morocco and Tunisia! In Morocco you will see how it has nothing to envy of the beaches of the Caribbean. You will live the experience of the Saidia Festival, much more than a finale, a music festival in the desert! And what about Tunisia? The trip of your life;) You will combine tourism with partying. You will find a country capable of being visited in a single week. A country that has hosted a revolution and been the setting for movies like Star Wars, has a salt lake and is home to Berbers.

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