Cancun OR Dominican Republic?

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Many of you are already back from vacation and as we know you well, you have not wasted a minute in starting to organize your trip to the Caribbean to celebrate the end of exams in the month of January, right? The first question that crosses your mind is, Cancun or the Dominican Republic? Riviera Maya or Cancun?

At The Fun Plan we will try to resolve your doubts so that you can choose the destination that best suits your tastes and preferences, how could it be otherwise!

Fasten your seat belt, we're going to the Caribbean!

Dominican Republic

Sunrise over Punta Cana

Punta Cana

The preferred destination for university students with a long cultural tradition as an end-of-exam trip is Punta Cana.

It is the perfect place to enjoy an all-inclusive end-of-year trip at the beginning of the year on one of the best-known beaches in the country: Bavaro Beach, recognized by UNESCO as one of the best beaches in the world. Crystal clear turquoise waters accompanied by fine white sand. They say that there you can enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets that exist and take the opportunity to try some water sports such as snorkeling or diving... if you go, don't forget to tell us!

Playa del Cortecito, perfect for parasailing and Playa Limón, for spotting dolphins and turtles

You won't miss out on partying in Punta Cana as it has a wide range of Beach Parties, nightclubs inside a cave like Imagine and movie landscapes like the one that can be seen on Isla Saona, a beach with 22 kilometers of fine sand where the movie was filmed The Blue Lake. There you will find a 40 meter high cliff, a true movie experience!

If you want to party at night and relax during the day, Punta Cana is your destination, since it has all-inclusive resorts, paradisiacal beaches and the best of parties. You won't be bored!

Cancun or Riviera Maya?

Mayan Riviera

Many believe that paradise is found in Mexico, where? Distributed between Cancun and Riviera Maya, the two destinations preferred by our travelers. If you are not sure which one to decide on, we give you some clues to clear your mind. Have a good trip!


The beaches of Cancun and Riviera Maya are lucky enough to be considered Paradise where you can escape from exams, hustle and bustle, routine life and live the best of salt-flavored adventures.

On Isla Mujeres you will see one of the most incredible sunsets ever experienced 

In both destinations you will have the possibility of visiting Women Island, an island located 35 kilometers from the coast where you will discover sea turtles and you can even practice sports such as windsurfing. There is no shortage of partying either in Cancun or in the Riviera Maya, where boat trips are the order of the day, as well as after parties or Beach Clubs;)

With All Inclusive you will have no problem having a great time! 

Finally, you will live a unique adventure getting to know the tradition of the Mayan culture by visiting the Tulum ruins, where you should not leave before sunset while you discover the temple of paintings (15th century), the Castle, the temples of the God of the Wind, the Descending God and the stele and the Palace, we are waiting for your photos!


Tulum Riviera Maya

It is important that we know that when we talk about Cancun we are referring to the coastal area that bathes the continental coast of Mexico, linked to the rest of the country by two bridges. When you arrive in Cancun, do not be surprised that, despite being in Mexico, they speak to you in English, since it is one of the regions most similar to the United States in the country.

If you are looking for experience and comfort, Cancun is your destination 

Cancun has always been the Caribbean destination par excellence. Of course, you will also find yourself with a greater influx of tourists and your pockets may suffer when you return from vacation. The hotels in Cancun are lucky to have paradisiacal beaches that are several kilometers long, so you will not have a problem with space when looking for space to put your towel on the sand.

The beaches extend along 22 kilometers of fine sand and turquoise waters

There is also the Nichupté lagoon, made up of mangrove jungle vegetation. Some of the most famous beaches in Cancun are marlin beach, the largest in the region, the beach of the Turtles, the Ballenas and the Dolphins, the latter recognized with the Blue Flag, a certificate of global excellence. You can also get closer to Nizuc Point, one of the most visited reefs in the world.

In Cancun there is one of the most internationally recognized nightclubs, Coco Bongo, you have to be present at one of its shows that last up to four hours with acrobats included!

Mayan Riviera

Riviera Maya Cenote

The Riviera Maya is located 35 kilometers from Cancun. Being so close, you may think that there is not much difference, but nevertheless, we do find some distinctions that you should keep in mind before choosing a destination.

In the Riviera Maya you will find everything you need in Carmen beach oXaman Há in the Mayan language, the Fifth Avenue of the Yucatán Peninsula where all the leisure offers are found. A place where multiculturalism will be more present than in Cancun, and not only will you not hear English spoken, but Spanish will be predominant.

The Riviera Maya resorts are closer together, so we recommend choosing accommodation that does not have too many people to enjoy its beaches.

Punta Maroma, one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, is ten minutes from Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen is the perfect place for people looking for a more chic and high-end environment, since it is famous for its brand-loving public. It is also fortunate to be better connected for those who love tourism and adventure since it is located in a more accessible area to visit, for example, the Mayan ruins, the cenotes or the coral reefs. You can go to Playa Paraíso, the “Land of the Turtles”, Akumal and practice water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling or diving.

Mamitas Beach is a party destination for International DJs like David Guetta or Tiesto 

With all this, if you are looking for party and relaxation at a good price, we recommend Punta Cana, but if what you want is Mexican adventure, water activities and a chic atmosphere, you can stay with Cancun or Riviera Maya. Which one do you stay with?

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