We tell you how to visit Granada in one day. Cradle of the Nasrid kingdom, land of conquerors and conquered and full of history. If you only have one day to do it, we leave you the perfect route to enjoy it.

In the morning: The Alhambra

Granada enjoys one of the most important cultural heritages in the country. The first is clear: the dear and beautiful Alhambra, jewel of the Nasrid kingdom and Historical Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

There are only two shifts a day to visit it. We recommend that you come during the first shift in the morning so as not to run out of tickets, although to guarantee you a visit without queues and with a guided tour you can buy your tickets to the Alhambra here.

Visiting The Generalife, The Palaces and the Gardens will take you all morning but it is a visit that is worth it. In this report you can discover it in depth. Just think that it is the second most visited Spanish monument in Spain.

Eating in Granada: The tapas route

The visit to the Alhambra will soon work up an appetite so the best thing you can do to eat is to go to the center of the city and start enjoying the cover route in one of the cities with the best gastronomy in Spain. If you don't eat tapas in Granada it is as if you had been there.

For every beer you drink you receive in return an increasingly filling plate of food, And practically free! The best places in the city to go for tapas are El Albaicín, Realejo, Plaza de Toros, Bib-Rambla, San Antón or Plaza del Campillo. Here you have one guide to savor the best Granada tapas take advantage!

In the afternoon: The Cathedral

To get rid of the drowsiness of beer and wine, what better way than to continue discovering the monumental city. Come visit The Cathedral of Granada, Built as a symbol of Christianity with the conquest of the Catholic Monarchs, who are buried in the Royal Chapel. It took almost 200 years to build and has passed through the hands of different Spanish architects. A symbol of the Spanish Renaissance.

In the middle of the afternoon you can continue your route along the Carrera del Darro and have a drink on the terraces of Paseo de los Tristes from where you can contemplate the reddish towers of the Alhambra. As the afternoon falls you can go to the Churra neighborhood or go up to the Albaicín, the bohemian and magical neighborhood of Granada.

Don't miss the sunset at the Mirador de San Nicolás from where you can see the Alhambra with the guitars of the flamenco singers in the background who will dazzle you and invite you to return... You can be sure!

The night in Granada

You will live the best night in a Flamenco Show in Sacromonte in the natural caves excavated in the rocks. Although it is touristy, it is worth experiencing at least the first time you visit Granada, you can see it in this report.

And of course, you can't miss taking advantage of the party in one of the university cities par excellence. You can not ask for more!

If you don't have a place to stay, we recommend the best hotels in the city. Granada has much more to offer. Everything ready for a getaway?

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