To Coruña In One Day

As a good lover of bridges, taking advantage of the Pilar bridge I decided to take a getaway to A Coruña. I decided on this destination because I was looking for a few days of disconnection from the city, relax and do something gastronomic tourism. We chose a hotel that was in the center so we could move comfortably on foot throughout the city: beaches, nightlife area, restaurants and historic center. Furthermore, and it must be said, I took advantage of all of Jacobo's advice to make my trip perfect. Ready to get to know A Coruña in one day?

In the morning

No matter how much we try to organize our trips, more or less, in advance, we always end up doing it at the last minute. If we add to that that one of our objectives was to disconnect and relax, we found that, although when we arrived in A Coruña we knew everything we wanted to see, we didn't know when we were going to do it. So... What better way to start the day than having a good breakfast and, meanwhile, prepare for the day?

Breakfast A Coruna

We had breakfast at El Valentín, a very cute and cozy cafeteria-restaurant. It is one of the most popular places in A Coruña because allow entry with dogs, so if you travel with your pet, you will be more than welcome! You can see the care and attention they put into each of the dishes, so if you have a sweet tooth like me, You can't leave without trying their pancakes with chocolate and orange! They are to die for! 😛

If there is something I like more than bridges, it is going to the beach. It doesn't matter if it's cold, cloudy, raining or sunny: it's always a good time to go. Because? I love the smell of the sea and the tranquility that the waves convey. So without thinking twice, we headed to the beach area.

Coruna Dolmens

When we arrived, my mind immediately moved to Ireland, since the resemblance is impressive: Cliffs surrounded by green areas, incredible landscapes and a feeling of freedom. We walked along the coast through the area of the dolmens until we reached the Tower of HerculesWhat a storm of water fell on us! Thank goodness we were prepared with boots and a raincoat!

Hercules Tower

The Tower of Hercules It is the only lighthouse from the Roman era that is still preserved and that, to this day, continues to perform its function: serving as a guide and maritime instrument for ships that cross the Atlantic Ocean. Don't leave without visiting it! Besides, If you have your youth card with you, entry will only cost you €1.50.

Travel The promenade of A Coruña is amazing, it is the longest in the world!, but the roar of our bellies acted as an alarm to let us know that it was time to eat.

Where to eat

Octopus at fair

As good tourists in Galicia, we wanted to eat a small portion of Octopus à feira with cachelos and some fish accompanied by an Estrella Galicia and a glass of wine. To do this, we head to Calle Estrella, where you will find a great variety of restaurants to choose from. We opt for To Mundiña, since we had heard very good references about him. You have the tapas eating option and portions on the terrace or on the high tables when you enter. Or, if you prefer something more formal, there is also a restaurant, itself, inside. We left equally full and happy, both because of how good the food was and because of the kindness of all the waiters who served us.

In the afternoon

To reduce the food a little bit, we went to the Riazor Beach, where in addition to walking, we sat on the breakwater pretending that we were in the middle of the sea and without getting wet or stained with sand!

Santa Maria Pita Coruna

Once digestion was done, we headed to the center, where we walked through each of the alleys. It is true that there are notable monuments, but what we liked most was being able to discover each of the corners. We took a thousand photos in the Plaza de María Pita and we toured the port and played in the arcades of Avenida de la Marina.

At night

Estrella Galicia Coruña

If you are beer lovers, the Estrella Galicia Brewery It's a must. It's almost always full, so if you want to go with the certainty that you are going to have a place, you can reserve a table online choosing the day, the time and the people you are going to be. The place is decorated in the purest beer style and they have finger-licking tapas. I recommend that you try the raxo: composed of pieces of pork loin meat accompanied by French fries. It should not be drunk on an empty stomach!

For dinner, we chose a somewhat more hipster place in the Orzán area called The barbershop. If you like the signature cuisine (at affordable prices!) or you want to try something different, this is your place! The truth is that we were not very hungry, so with three tapas we had enough.

If you want to continue with the Galician night, you can do so on Estrella Street or in the Port area. You will surely end up with more than one anecdote!

And after this mini-vacation, it was back to the office! I'm already thinking what it will be my next destination, Any recommendation? Of course, A Coruña has set the bar high.

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