We have proposed to explain in a simple way one of the most feared processes for those of you who still have doubts when choosing a cruise. Boarding and disembarking is a necessary procedure but far from being a complicated process, it is just the previous step to enjoy your trip. In reality, it is a form of check-in like what happens at airports or train stations, with the difference that you will find staff from the cruise company at all times to answer all your questions.

At the time of boarding

Put a label on your suitcase

Simple and in very few steps, this is the process of boarding a cruise. The first thing you should do is fill out the form that the port staff will give you and hand your bags to the company's personnel in charge at the port terminal. Each suitcase will be assigned an identification tag thanks to which your luggage will be located. Then you will find them directly in your cabin, as if by magic! Remember that all suitcases have the corresponding label with your name and surname.

We advise you to keep an eye on your suitcases, don't leave anything on the ground!

They also indicate the order and priority for both checking in and abandoning the ship. At all times you will find television screens where the colors of the labels appear with all the information.

identify yourself

Once you have dropped off your suitcases, you will go to the check-in counter with your cruise boarding pass and identification documents. Once everything has been reviewed, they will take a photo of each of you and give you your personal card with which you can access your room.

Everyone should carry their key, lest you forget it and have to look for your roommate throughout the ship.

If you want to use the card to pay for the extra services offered by the cruise, during boarding you can activate it under the conditions of each company by giving your credit card number or depositing a deposit that will be returned to you at the end of the cruise. This way you will forget about money!

Being a group, we advise you that the group leader be the one in charge of the companions' documentation so as not to lose the data of any passenger, and distribute said documentation before boarding.

At the time of disembarking

Disembarkations at destinations

Disembarkations are made each time the cruise arrives at a destination. The best way to enjoy each place is to book the excursions, since you will be the first to get off the boat and if you are delayed the boat will not leave without you. Also, if you are a group, you won't have to worry about anything, just follow the guide.

Don't forget to take your personal documentation and your cabin card with you on all disembarkations. The mobile phone in case you find a cafe with Wi-Fi!

The last landing

Farewell to a cruise also has a special flavor, it will be the culmination of your vacation, not only because you will be looking forward to repeating this way of traveling, but because you will have met people with whom you will continue to stay in touch. Plus you still have to share your best moments, remember to send us photos! and the arrival at the port will be impressive since it usually coincides with dawn, a true spectacle.

Once on dry land, don't think about disembarking, the cruise staff will take care of everything, even picking up your suitcase!

The day before disembarkation you will have a meeting where the entire process will be explained to you, but we can tell you in advance that on the last night you will have to leave your suitcases at the door of the cabin. Additionally, if you have performed any extra service or purchased a product, they will pass a note under your cabin door so you can go to reception. There you will have to pay the expenses and they will return your deposit. If you have more questions about disembarkation, you can consult them with them.

We hope that these tips help you plan your cruise and, as always, that you send us all your photos, because in the end the most important thing is that you have a great time and it becomes an unforgettable trip.

As always we wish you, bon voyage sailors!

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