The most happening month of the year! And if there is one word that defines August, it is party! And since at The Fun Plan we love everything that involves traveling with friends, meeting new places and people, we bring you again the August 2018 party agenda. So that the end of summer is completely crazy!

Malaga Fair (August 11 to 19)

Location: Malaga

At the fair, in the streets or in the nightclubs. It is impossible to go to Malaga during the fair season and escape the party.

If we are clear about one thing, it is that Málaga falls in love at any time of the year. Its gastronomy, its sunny skies, its beaches... There are a lot of peculiarities that make Malaga one of the most visited destinations throughout the year, but if there is something that you really fall in love with, it is its atmosphere and especially if it coincides with its fair.

The festivities begin with the proclamation and fireworks that lead to the first concerts of the festivities. The fair has more than 170 booths, and most of them are free to enter, you just have to choose what type of music you would like to dance to the most, there is plenty to choose from!

Those of you who have taken a look at our post “Malaga in one day"Surely Larios Street is familiar to you; During these days the music of brass bands, tapas and drinks take over the street. Plus lots of flamenco costumes!

It is essential to leave the Malaga fair with your homework done, and you cannot miss trying Cartojal wine, the typical drink of the fair!

Águilas Carnival (August 4)

Place: Águilas (Murcia)

Águilas is known for the carnival that is celebrated in February since it is international tourist interest.

What many do not know is that this is not the only carnival that the city celebrates, because next August 4 they will celebrate their tenth summer carnival. Taking advantage of the good temperatures and the influx of tourism, the clubs take to the streets again with their best costumes to fill the night with rhythm and colors.

Aste Nagusia (August 18 to 26)

Location: Bilbao

The party kick-off and the proclamation begin 9 days of hustle and bustle in the city of Bilbao.

The estuary area is filled with txosnas and troupes that will give food and drink to everyone who wants to enjoy a few different days, without forgetting the best music of the moment!

Every evening, we recommend you go to Doña Casilda park to choose the best place to see the Fireworks a real pass! Enjoy the fair and finish with one of the concerts. This year the concert program features Antonio Orozco, Vanes Martín, M-Clan, Amaral, Morat...

Big Week of San Sebastián (August 11 to 18)

Location: San Sebastian

Although the great atmosphere says otherwise, the big week of San Sebastián does not begin until the cannon shot sounds in the gardens of Alderdi Eder at 7:00 p.m., from that moment on, let the party begin!

If there is something that characterizes the San Sebastián festivities, it is its colorful sky. Why? Because one of its greatest attractions is its international fireworks competition, every day, a pyrotechnic company takes care of the gunpowder of the night.

Of course there is no shortage of brass bands and exhibitions of traditional Basque sports.

At night, it's time to go to the fair and tour the txosnas, which are booths prepared to give rhythm to the night and of course concerts. This year following his party program Artists such as Amais Montero, Álvaro Soler, Vendetta, Jarabe de Palo will perform...

International Descent of the Sella (August 4)

Location: Ribadesella – Asturias

Raise your hand if you haven't heard of Sella! Nobody? 82 years have passed since the first canoe descent in the Sella, which has made it one of the most important tests of the international panorama of river rafting.

But the Sella is much more than a sporting event, every year more people go to enjoy the race to continue their own descent and extend the party between cider and cider throughout the afternoon-night to end up resting in their tent! if they find it! Because Ribadesella becomes a improvised campsite where in every corner there is a new store.

La Tomatina (August 29)

Buñol (Valencia)

What do you think when they tell you that to go to a party you need to wear diving goggles and tomatoes? There is only one place that celebrates a party like this: Buñol!

And this Valencian city has set up its own tomatazo festival. Participating is very easy, you only need to buy a ticket to participate, wear comfortable clothes and de-stress at the pace of tomato throwing. It is not even necessary to have good aim! Since there are so many people that it is impossible not to get it right.

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