The Best Nightclubs in MÁLAGA

Malaga, one of the most chosen destinations when traveling with our friends in summer. And this Andalusian city is characterized not only by the hustle and bustle, the fair or the possibility it offers us of jumping to beaches like Tarifa or Zahara, but also by its great nightlife, which helps us choose this destination as the ideal place to disconnect for a few days. So, what do you think if today we go around the best nightclubs in Malaga? Let's show that not only the Andalusians are the kings of the night! Are we leaving trip to Malaga?

Barsovia Nightclub

c/ Méndez Núñez, 3

If we talk about parties in Malaga there is a legendary name that cannot be missed “the Barsovia Disco” and this club improves over the years, like good wine! We are talking about the oldest nightclub in Malaga almost nothing!

Its tracks hold years of great songs, drinks, dancing and a lot of good vibes. Experience is what it has... it never disappoints!

Once you cross the door you are transported to the 80s or 90s, but always without losing your way, since current topics also play in this club.

As it cannot be missed, their floor is full every night from Wednesday to Saturday, but not only their dance area, their booths too and they have security, their own waiter and a hostess who will help you put the finishing touch to a party. unforgettable night among friends.

During fair week and Christmas the disco is open every day, because… show must go on!

If you are already thinking about your next party in Malaga, we recommend that you book in advance. You can do it through their website, Facebook or by phone.



Our Store:

Reservations Telephone: 649149140

Andén Disco

Uncibay Square, 8

This nightclub has two rooms, four bars to order the best drinks, six booths and thirteen screens. Something is missing?

We start in one of the best-known nightclubs in the city, the Andén DiscoThis room offers us the best lighting and sound that will make our nights different and fun.

That night we prefer a VIP booth? Well, we will have at our disposal a whole team of waiters who will make our evening a magical night. The music of the moment and an exceptional atmosphere! That's part of what awaits us at the Andén Disco.

Gold Room

Luis de Velázquez, 5

Another of the best-known nightclubs in this city, the Gold RoomThis nightclub has reserved areas, events of all kinds, private boxes and several rooms. A most exceptional atmosphere and the most elegant music!

In addition, every day of the week they hold parties with a totally different theme every night, so fun is more than guaranteed. If what we want is to enjoy a night with glamor, fun and good taste, then we cannot miss this Malaga venue! Buy your tickets for the Gold Room

Natural Club

Horacio Quiroga Street

Andalusia is a different experience and with a wide variety of plans In Malaga 

Natural Club, an establishment out of the ordinary, since here the smell of wood, bamboo and the color green fill it. Furthermore, here they thematize spaces and sounds so that each visit is a totally unique experience.

Likewise, they have more than 40 booths of different styles and sizes, private and very comfortable, to make our night unforgettable. We're leaving now?


Av. Isaac Peral, 43

In Malaga we can also sleep like kings at a guaranteed price, What more could you want?

We continue with EPOCH, belonging to the Moliére Group, a nightclub that has been open since 2009. This room was born with the idea of offering surprising, different nights...that is why in its programming we will find a diversity of shows and spectacles, perfect to make our nights here unforgettable.

In addition, we will find high quality technology that will allow us to enjoy the best and most recent music of the moment. Likewise, as for the public that visits this nightclub, they are usually twenty-somethings, looking to spend the nights of their lives, while enjoying one of the city's leading venues.

Wenge Room

Calle Sta. Lucía, 11

At Wengé Privé, night parties are organized from Thursday to Saturday.

And we finish our list of the best nightclubs in Malaga in the Wengé or Wengé Privé Roomanother of the best clubs in Malaga. In this room, we will find the most select atmosphere in the city gathered in an environment decorated in the most modern and current way possible.

A reference place to which they go young people from 20 to 35 years of age, looking for the perfect place to have a good time while having drinks to the rhythm of the best-known music of the moment.

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