HAPPY NEW YEAR! How was your vacation? Thinking about him End of year trip with your friends? Surely you will have recharged your batteries as much or more than us, aren't you funplanners? And this beginning of the year deserves no less! Above all, if we take into account that the 2000s have already come of age. And for that reason, today we are going to go investigate the 8 best college parties 2019 And let it not be said that having a birthday feels bad!

8. Canarian Festival

Marco Aldany Room (Madrid)

After the Canarian party, you feel like getting to know the islands... what better way than to give it your all on your final year trip to Gran Canaria... sun, beach and party, lots of partying!

On Thursdays, Canarian music and traditions fill the Marco Aldany room in Madrid, located in the heart of Princesa Street. Each week offers us a totally different theme, but without leaving the Canarian line. From live bands, dance competitions on stage and constant entertainment, they are repeated every Thursday of the year to the best Canarian rhythm.

7. Disaster Party

Madrid's community

If after the Disaster Party we are left wanting to know more about the Madrid nightlife, we would love to know the best nightclubs in Madrid …may the night not end!

After visiting various Spanish cities, he arrives in Madrid the wildest party of the year, the Disaster Party. The biggest, legendary and craziest shows, animations and interactive activities make Disaster the favorite party for students. But who are we kidding, just with the name we can get an idea of how crazy and unforgettable this night will be.

6. University New Year's Eve


Bored of spending New Year's Eve the same year after year? We tell you the best ideas for a different New Year's Eve Let it not be said that we are not original!

One of the most anticipated annual festivals in all of Spain! This festival manages to bring together thousands of national and international tourists every year, many of them students, who travel to the city of Salamanca to celebrate a pre-New Year's Eve with all their classmates.

It is a tradition that has been carried out once a year in the Plaza Mayor of this city since the 90s, in fact it has had such an impact that it has even been considered a true tradition! And in its last edition around 35,000 people gathered! That? Are we going next year?

5. San Fermines


January 1, February 2, March 3, April 4, May 5, June 6,July 7th San Fermin!

One of the traditional and popular festivals that take place in Pamplona every year. Apart from having a great reputation, over the years it has become one of the biggest university parties of the year and most anticipated by all young people. A great diversity of students from all corners and points of Spain come to enjoy one of the most requested events annually.

4. The Bonfires of San Juan

Alicante (Valencian Community)

And since we are in Alicante we cannot miss one of the city's star activities... boat party in Alicante, one party after another party!

Another of the great traditional and reference festivals throughout our country. It occurs along the entire Spanish coast just before summer arrives on the shortest night of the entire year. We will be able to enjoy a variety of bonfires that are accompanied by a large amount of dancing and fun in every corner of the coast.

3. San Cement

University City (Madrid)

And if we are left wanting more we can take a look at the best university parties in Madrid Let's not miss a single one!

On the last Thursday of April, the University City is filled with thousands of young people who celebrate the patron saint of the Technical School of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. From two in the afternoon until as long as the body can bear, thousands of young people gather on the meadow that separates the faculties of Journalism and Architecture. This popular macro bottle is one of the most emblematic and massive parties of the Madrid university community.

2. The festivals of Grace

Gracia District (Barcelona)

Single men and women, pay attention, why are we telling you? the best clubs in Barcelona where it is easier to flirt. Here he who doesn't run... flies!

The popular Barcelona neighborhood is filled with stages with music, parties and performances of all kinds. It is one of the festivals whose arrival is highly anticipated since the students of this city of Barcelona take the opportunity to launch themselves and conquer its streets for an entire week, warming up their engines before starting the academic year.

1. The April Fair

Seville (Andalusia)

First year and we are somewhat lost, we tell you the best 6 ideas to enjoy the April fair in Seville Don't stop dancing!

Even though it's the beginning of the year, I don't know about you, we need a little bit of south to not lose the north, that's why we head to the Andalusian capital, where one of the most successful festivals is celebrated annually, The Fair of April.

At the end of April and depending on the calendar, coinciding with Holy Week, many students take the opportunity to escape to the south and enjoy the most traditional fair in Spain. Although we will find all types of audiences and ages, it is very true that in recent years it has become the ally and best friend of all university students who want to celebrate the end of exams.

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