Tenerife: A Top Destination for Your End of Degree

Tired of studying and working so much? Do not worry! Because today we bring you mojo picón, sun and beach with one of the best possible destinations and only a 2-hour flight away! Yes guys! Our proposal today is Tenerife: A top destination for your final year. Take note and stay tuned! Because today we fly to the Canary Islands!


We arrive in Tenerife and the next step is to rush to drop off at the hotel. As? A transfer will be waiting for you to take you from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.

Once at the hotel, the options for moving around the island are multiple, although our main recommendation is that rent a car or motorcycle, which will give you greater freedom.


How do we know that great hotel and all inclusive These are words that stand out in your head at this time, we warn you that in Tenerife you will have the opportunity to experience it.

6 days and 5 nights in the hotel of your choice with an all-inclusive regime! So not only will you rest like true kings but you will also be able to eat as much as you want and drink even the water from the vases at any time of the day.

In short, recharge your batteries as many times as you want; something that you will need to be able to survive the Canarian rhythm. And not only that, but you will stay in multiple rooms! So you can get ready to the rhythm of Despacito with your friends and at the end of the night, chat and chat about all the things that happened to you.

How many of you have already imagined sunbathing, relaxing, with a cool drink in hand and stunning views?

Also, if you get a little gastronomic curiosity, we advise you to try the wrinkled dads, a very typical Canarian dish that consists of potatoes cooked with their skins accompanied by two types of “mojos”, the red one based on paprika or the green one based on cilantro. And finish it off with a sweet touch, because in the Canary Islands the most characteristic thing is the bienmesabe,a traditional dessert made with almonds, sponge cake, egg, sugar and lemon.

I kick I kick around Tenerife

What better way to know and do tourism in Tenerife that with the help of the island's own people?

In Tenerife You will find everything you are looking for: good weather, beaches where you can enjoy the sun, sea and sports and party! The perfect combination to spend a few great days with all your friends and enjoy a great time on the beach in the middle of winter.

For all of you who are a little more adventurous, who like to explore and know more than anything else, we advise you that, between beach and beach, your first stop is the Teide, the highest peak in all of Spain. An essential visit if you decide to visit the Canary Islands!

On the other hand, if there is something that characterizes Tenerife, it is its incredible beaches and coves, calm, with strong waves, white sand… this Canary island is the paradise for lovers of magical natural environments.

Among its best-known beaches, we highlight above all, the Christian Beach, located in one of the most lively party areas within the town. This beach is one of the most pleasant thanks to its fine blonde sand and very calm waters that will help you enjoy a good bath.

Another beach that we recommend is Las Vistas Beach, which has a boardwalk full of activity. Furthermore, it is one of the longest and liveliest beaches in the south of Tenerife and one of the most modern, whose fine golden sand and calm waters They encourage anyone to take a good bath.

Furthermore, as we know that you surely have not come only to tourist, we also offer you activities and fun everywhere on the Canary Island. From visit Teide As we mentioned before, routes, excursions and boat travel along the coast of Tenerife, to surf a little bit in those incredible waves and beaches like the one in The Americas (ideal for this activity), venture into nature or put on a fast face thanks to the Karting Klub Tenerife that this island offers.

Warming up engines in Tenerife 

Ready to live the best boat party in Tenerife? 3 hours with open bar, deep sea bathing, food and the best atmosphere. And what better way is there to start the night? to the boarding! 

We have a great plan for NON-STOP groups, 3 hours of party on board enjoying the best songs played by a live DJ with views of the best coves and views of the island. Furthermore, as it cannot be missed, we will make a offshore anchorage, it's time to take a bath to cool off and let the party continue!

During the 3 hours of the party there will be open bar of sangria, beer and sex on the beach, and to regain strength we will serve paella and fruit salad. Do you dare to be like a little boat in the sea?

What do you think could be the best way to end the night? You have got it right! Partying! So take a shower and recharge your batteries because Tenerife is marked by non-stop.

Among the best-known night spots on the island we must highlight Hard Rock Café Tenerife, which opened its doors in Tenerife in March 2014. It is located on Avenida de Las Américas, in the south of the Island and is considered one of the must-visits in the area. The main floor and first floor can seat over 350 people and include a lively luxury bar, two spacious outdoor terraces with a separate bar, a Rock Shop and a live music space featuring exclusive artists from Tenerife's local music scene.

Doesn't sound bad, right?

Another great recommendation is The Banana Garden. A restaurant with an incredible atmosphere, right in front of the sea. So if your thing is to appreciate good food and a good party, without a doubt, this can be one of your places. They offer cocktails on a terrace overlooking the beach and then, if you want, a good meal in a cozy restaurant. In addition, there are live concerts every night; country & western or pop music, Spanish guitar, or a magnificent high-quality flamenco dance show, until dawn, so even the most exquisite will not stay at the hotel.

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