Tips for Traveling to Morocco


Now that the suffocating heat is over, a wide range of countries that you can visit. Among them is one of the most different and of course also one of my favorites, Morocco. The neighboring country keeps among its secrets a culturegastronomy and landscapes that at least can be categorized as interesting. It should be forbidden to go through this life without at least having visited this land once. So, here we go!

To travel to the country on the African continent closest to Europe We are not obliged to get vaccinated against anything, although although it is true that there is a recommendation to “get healthy” and protect ourselves against typhoid feverHepatitis A and B, and the usual on this continent against the tetanus-diphtheria. Another health tip that you should keep in mind is to consume only bottled water as well as that of avoid raw foods, since the same water with which they are rinsed could harm your organisms that are not accustomed to this type of water.

As for the use of mobile phones and the Internet, Morocco is a country where in any Riyadh (Arab houses divided into rooms and organized around a patio to accommodate tourists) or hotel, you will get WiFi connection. Of course, it will always depend on the place you visit because looking for a connection in the desert is not the same as in the tourist city of Marrakesh. Another issue to take into account is plugs, since although it is normal that in Morocco you find the same plug that we have in Spain, it is advisable to bring an adapter "just in case".

Once we set foot on Moroccan land, the first question that will arise will be the money. My tip is When you arrive, change some money at the airport, not much, since the change there is always usually much worse than in the city.

Compare the price of the currency in the exchange houses since there are hundreds of them and you can save a lot of money if you take a few minutes to compare the difference. 

Once you leave the airport it begins the madness of haggling. In Morocco you have to haggle for absolutely everything, from the price of a taxi to the cost of an activity or excursion (unless it is from a travel agency with a fixed price). Moroccans have this intrinsic in their culture buying and selling technique, so don't be shy and bring out the best trader within you. As basic advice I will tell you that never accept a price higher than four euros (400 Dirham) for a taxi, or always try to lower it to 50% the price They ask you for any product in the street souks.

A rather comical topic in my opinion but one that can cause you a little anxiety if you don't take it philosophically is the “harassment” of merchants. They will try to get your attention in a thousand and one ways, even going so far as to take your arm so that you come to see their product. Don't get overwhelmed, ignore everything that does not interest you and do not give them much conversation because they are expert deceivers, and I personally know more than one who ended up buying out of pure pressure.

He public transport between cities is a bit crazy, but there are always options. For a slightly higher price (4 or 5 euros maximum) you will have the option of traveling by “luxury” buses. These vehicles have somewhat more specific schedules but believe me, They are more than advisable, since for just a few euros more you will travel comfortably on buses without excess passengers, since it is very common for people to travel on ordinary buses, even standing on routes that will last hours. The tickets For these buses they are purchased at the same bus stations.

The meal It's something that I personally loved. Although the hygiene conditions for the food handling They are not the most ideal, it is better that you do not even bother to worry about it, since if not you are going to eat very little during your stay. The breakfasts They will become your favorite meal of the day, since in Riads and hotels these are made up of at least coffee, juice, Arabic sweets, bread with butter and fruit. Exquisite dishes such as couscous, tagines, harira, keftas, or the popularly known Moorish pinchos await you impatiently to be devoured for super cheap prices. Don't forget to try the Fruit juice which they sell in mobile vans in the central squares, where for 40 cents you will taste one of the most delicious you have ever tasted.

Morocco is a beautiful country that is worth visiting book for at least a week to be able to know more than one place. Among my favorite cities and towns I would tell you that they are MarrakeshEssaouiraAsilah and Chaouen, although I sincerely recommend that you design your own route and embark on this beautiful and contrast-filled adventure. SALAM MALECUM, MALECUM SALAM TRAVELERS!

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