Tips for low cost travel

Has it ever crossed your mind to take a getaway or a trip with friends for less money than you had imagined? Well now it's possible! We just have to follow a series of tips for low cost travel that will allow us to bring out and squeeze that little Phileas Fogg that we all have inside.

Don't you believe us? Well, sit down, grab a pencil and paper because we are going to see that even the impossible becomes possible.

 5. Information and research 

Flights don't cost the same every day. Traveling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays is usually cheaper than traveling on the weekend.

Essential to be able to know which seasons are best to book the trip we want, especially if we make long-distance trips. If we can, it is best to travel outside of high season, since this way we will get services and destinations at more affordable prices.

Furthermore, if we find a "dynamic" package of those that combine flight, hotel, transfer... where they design our trip according to our priorities, in many cases, it is better not to hesitate to take them since the trip could cost us half the price. price.

4. Flexibility

The more flexible we are when organizing a trip, the better. What do we mean by this? If we want to travel on specific dates, to a specific destination, in a season where many people usually go on a trip, it is most likely that the price will go up.

So if really all we want is to travel no matter where, when, how, etc... We can look at cheap or last-minute destinations, without too many requirements, since this way we will have a better chance of getting a cheaper trip!

3. Secondary airports and stopovers

Not only do we need to know tips on traveling low cost, but when doing so we have to keep in mind a series of tips to overcome jet lag on those long distance trips.

Something that we probably had not considered is that sometimes flying to an airport close to the main one can be very important when looking for a low-cost flight. Let's search, compare prices from both sides, take that flight to that airport that we had never thought of using before!

Not only that, but also, making a stopover on a long-distance trip also helps us make our trip more economical, and hey, who doesn't prefer to save some money on the flight to be able to use it at the destination we are going to? let's go?

2. Why invoice?

No suitcases or “just in case” bags or carrying the entire house with us as if we were going to war, because most low-cost airlines are going to charge us for carrying a suitcase in the hold. So the best thing we can do is travel light! As they say: "if a good thing is brief, it is twice as good."

Furthermore, it is much better (and comfortable) to travel with a backpack or backpack, since they are quite flexible and we can put them in the airplane compartments, so we can save the queue later at the airport!

There is much more room than we think and we get rid of many problems that may arise! Come on, a whole 2×1!

1. Price alerts

What better way can there be to get a flight at the best possible price than by tracking it? Many flight search engines give us the possibility of activating price alerts, so we can find out when is the best or worst time to take a trip. It is as simple as signing up for the price alerts on said page and from there we will receive notifications to our email.

In fact, there is an app called Air Hopper and tells us when is the best time to buy our flight based on where we are going, where we are doing it from and what date.

Convenient, fast and within reach!

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