Have you finished your studies and are looking for work abroad? Whether because it becomes more difficult every day to find a well-paid job in Spain or because getting a simple position is extremely complicated if you do not have a minimum experience, working abroad may be the most viable way out of this crossroads!

And although for some it may seem like an extreme idea to leave their country and get away from their loved ones, considering this option should be a priority due to the benefits it brings: meeting new people, a new culture. What better than acquiring experience in another country ! Normally with higher salaries, working in totally different environments, improving language and gaining experience! Just what we need to work in Spain.

If you are considering this idea and are not sure how to find a job safely, don't worry. Here we bring you a guide to finding your first job in Europe!

Choose the type of work

Once you decide which path to take professionally, you will be able to delve deeper into salary comparisons in different countries and the number of offers for this type of job.

If what you are looking for is a temporary job to live the experience, as a waiter/waitress, AuPair, or any other type of temporary position, opt for the country where they pay the best and of course, where you can speak English if you don't master another language. Also take the opportunity to meet new people and travel in group! You will learn a lot of new things.

If you want to start your professional career and acquire notable experience on your CV, it is best to choose a reputable company, and once this is done, look in which cities it offers work. This way, you can adjust to language requirements and you can consider more options.

Use international job portals

That city you visited on a getaway or where you celebrated your final trip, it can be your next home. Shall we start?

The first step to begin your search after deciding the type of job you are looking for and having made a list of reputable companies (theoretically) where you would like to train, you have two options. Search for offers from the companies themselves from their section careers or, use online job portals.

Many companies do not have a job offers page on their website, so the best option will always be to buy both online sites.

StudentJob is the largest job portal in Europe, so you have the option to search for work in Europe using the filters offered by the platform itself. Write the name of the company you are interested in in the internal search engine, you may be lucky enough to find the company you are looking for! If not, you can always filter your search by job type. You can find many other companies that you didn't know about before but that offer high salaries and are internationally renowned.

In the case of StudentJob, it is a platform known in Spain for offering employment in the country, but it has a “work abroad” section. But attention! What many do not know is that StudentJob has a portal in 9 different countries in Europe. So if, for example, you are looking for a job in France, you will have to change the web domain to Many times local companies look for Spanish speakers for qualified positions or English is simply required, so if you are fluent in languages, this is a very good option for you.

Contact the company

Once you are in the selection process, companies will most likely want to do a face-to-face interview, although this is becoming less common. If this is the case, and you are really interested in that position, propose doing an interview via videoconference. (Skype or Hangouts). Insist and show your interest, don't let it be because you haven't tried! This way, recruiters will be able to get to know you, test you with the language and check your aptitudes for the job.

Everything is going smoothly... pack your bags

It is essential to put your youth card in your suitcase. Do you still not know what the advantages when traveling with the ISIC card and the young person?

You have advanced in the selection process and are in the final phase, offer your immediate availability! Prepare everything to leave as soon as possible, they may tell you from one day to the next that they need you there.

So, when you have the definitive answer, you will be ready. Grab your documentation, say goodbye to yours and if you love sausages, package them and take them with you on this adventure, you're going to miss them!

Once you arrive at your destination, with all the documentation in order to work or even a contract already signed if you have done everything via the internet, the difficult part will be done!

It will be time to enjoy and learn as much as possible, because when you return, if you return, you will be a totally different person.

What are you waiting for to look for work in Europe? An unforgettable experience is waiting for you!

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