The Young Card, that great ally and companion if you are under 31 years old. Take advantage of it! But he's not the only one. Do you know the International Student Card? With one you can travel through Europe, with the other traveling around the world. They not only serve to enter free museums and get discounts at the movies. We give you some tricks to get the most out of this type of student cards before they expire and you enter the path of maturity. Enjoy them!

What are the differences between the Youth Card and the ISIC?

Youth Card

The Youth Card is a personal and non-transferable card accepted throughout Europe. The youth of Europe united! It costs between 5 and 9 euros, depending on the country where you buy it. In Madrid it costs 4 euros while in Catalonia for example it costs 7.95 euros.

There are up to 19 different types of youth card, differentiated above all by being financial or non-financial, that is, they can serve as a debit/credit or even prepaid card, or simply serve as a youth identity document that allows you discounts when traveling around Europe. In Spain it is processed in the youth services of the Autonomous Communities, whether they are youth centers, savings banks or even youth associations.

ISIC card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC), as its name suggests, is the only recognized card for international students from institutes, colleges and universities. Prove your status as a student throughout the world. It is considered by UNESCO as the mobility passport that allows students to travel and obtain discounts, information and services.

You can enjoy more than 40,000 discounts in around 120 countries around the world and not only in Europe. It can be obtained from 12 years old for 9 euros. If you need information about the Card you can go to the ISIC Office in Madrid, although you must complete the process online by clicking here.

Don't worry about insurance

Youth Card

One of the advantages of the youth card includes travel assistance insurance anywhere in the world, although the policy depends on the type of card you have, debit or prepaid youth card.

The insurance will cover medical assistance, any dental emergency, repatriation or medical transfers, travel and stay expenses for a companion or any incident that occurs during the trip. Attention! Only if these occur on a trip that does not exceed 90 days, that is, three months.

What does it mean? If you leave end of career trip or Interrail and you lose your suitcases, you catch the flu, you have an accident and they have to take you to the hospital or even if you had to return home, you would have all the expenses covered for you and a companion.

What things does the Youth Card not cover?

If you catch a bug early in the morning and have to go to the hospital, friend! Have thought about it before. The youth card does not include “diseases or pathological states caused by the voluntary ingestion of alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, narcotics and medications acquired without a medical prescription.”

It also does not cover the loss of “professional material” such as plane tickets or identity documents. However, computers are luckily not considered professional equipment, which will be a relief if you lose it!

If you are robbed at a campsite, you are not covered! So keep in mind where you stay when traveling and that it is not a “passing through” place.

If you have thought about practicing any risky sport such as motorcycling, motor racing or diving, you will not be covered by the youth card either.

In order to make something clear, you can find all the advantages and disadvantages in the Youth Card contract.

ISIC card

ISIC insurance also provides you with travel insurance as long as the trip does not exceed 61 days, that is, two months of travel. ISIC insurance covers medical expenses, damages caused to travelers, legal assistance, transportation, repatriation and travel expenses.

The advantages are practically the same as with the Youth Card except that its scope increases by being able to travel insured to the rest of the world. In case you had to be hospitalized, it would cover your family's trip to visit you. It also covers risky sports, unlike the youth card.

Another advantage is being able to ensure that if you get sick, you will not only receive assistance, but you will also be able to ensure that your medications are covered. You can consult all the insurance conditions in the following link.

Discounts when traveling

What we can assure you is that in addition to travel insurance, your trip will be much cheaper before you turn 31 with these practical cards. More than 50,000 collaborating entities participate in the Youth Card initiative and 40,000 with the ISIC Card so that students have discounts on transport, accommodation, shopping and cultural activities in Europe and the entire world.

Don't miss anything on your next trip! Buy your tickets in advance here, and avoid the lines.

It is true that you will not have the same discounts and advantages in all countries, nor in all autonomous communities. We leave you the links to consult the advantages in Madrid and in the different Autonomous Communities with the Youth Card.

The European countries with discounts for travelers with Youth Card and ISIC at the moment are the following: Andorra, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Scotland, Malta, Sweden, Finland , Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia. In the following search engine you will find the offers of each European city.

With the ISIC you can enjoy discounts not only cultural but also related to education and price cuts. On this page you can find all the discounts distributed in 120 countries around the world.

Thus, getting tickets for the latest movie in Torrente, entering a raffle for a trip or being able to spend a weekend on a rural getaway at half price is possible for young people not only in Europe, but from all over the world.

What things have you really gained thanks to these cute cards? Are they really useful to you? Which one do you stay with?

We look forward to your #viajeros reviews!

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