Finally we welcome the last month of 2014, our beloved December. A month in which, in addition to having a succulent long weekend during the first week, the Christmas holidays will soon arrive (for those lucky enough to have them!). And although any time is a good time to take a short trip through Europe or the most charming corners of our country, today I want to make a recommendation that you cannot miss: London.

Who can resist hearing the chimes of Big Ben, breathing the fresh air of Hyde Park or seeing the striking red buses and telephone booths?

For those who think that you have to save a lot to travel to the British capital, I am going to give you some tips so that you can make a getaway to London in December and go with the tightest budget possible. Take note!


Those of you who are used to buying flights online will know that London is one of the most expensive destinations that we can find in Europe for 'low cost' travel and that, furthermore, airline companies do not always leave you close to the city. There are airlines that lower their flights on specific days of the week, usually Mondays and Thursdays, and you can also find applications that give you a summary of the flight prices of different airlines on specific dates.


Okay, maybe London isn't the cheapest city to stay in, but it's not impossible to find something at a good price. My advice is that you opt for an apartment in London since this way you will have your own kitchen and you will save a lot of money on both breakfast and dinners. And as you can imagine, food is another aspect of London in which it cannot exactly be said to be cheap.

By renting an apartment you will save a few pounds (when you see how much a coffee or a soft drink costs, you will appreciate it)


And here comes my favorite part when talking about London, and that is that unlike other European capitals, here the most important museums are free for all types of tourists and throughout the year.

The British Museum, the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum...

Whether you are traveling with children, as a couple or with friends, especially in the latter two you will have fun like never before, you will discover very interesting exhibitions and it will also be free!


Just as for some things London is overpriced, not so much in transport... You can take one of its urban bicycles as they are the most affordable: the first half hour is free and if you use it for 24 hours you only get will cost 1 pound. If you are going to spend a week in London, you can purchase the 7-day Travelcard which costs between 30 and 35 pounds, similar to other tourist towns such as New York. However, if you stay in the center, it is best to put comfortable shoes in your suitcase and explore the city.

What can I do for free in London in December?

Although the most tourist museums are free, most monuments require the purchase of a ticket, and it is not always very cheap... So I give you some ideas of what you can do without spending money.

Royal Guard Change

For example, at Buckingham Palace at 11:30 the Changing of the Royal Guard takes place. In the month of December it takes place every two days, so we recommend that you first take a look at their website; And above all, go well in advance since it fills up with tourists.

The coordinated movements of the famous soldiers have an average duration of 45 minutes and from there you can access other nearby points of interest such as Westminster Abbey or Big Ben

Key Ceremony

Another activity is to see the Key Ceremony that takes place in the mysterious Tower of London, and to see this curious spectacle with hundreds of years of tradition, you must send a request in advance to the monument's Central Office. In the letter, you have to put the availability of your dates and they will be able to respond to you if they can get you a place or if everything is already booked. Although it is free, after seeing this ritual every day, they may ask you for a 'donation', but do not feel coerced into giving money or not.

Winter Wonderland

London's parks are a perfect excuse to escape the tourism and traffic of the city center and feel nature in its purest form.

That is why one of the essential visits is Hyde Park. But especially in the month of December you have to see it during the afternoon to feel the magic of Winter Wonderland. Here there is a small amusement park, a skating rink, activities for the whole family... In short, a place where you can enjoy Christmas, winter and the charm of London in equal parts.

Christmas in its purest form

And above all, the best thing about traveling to London at Christmas is that you can feel the magic of these dates in one of the most tourist destinations in the world where its streets and shop windows are filled with lights and colors.

If you are there on December 31, don't miss the fireworks next to the London Eye to welcome the year 2015

Don't miss the outdoor Christmas markets, visit the main toy stores, listen to the Christmas carols that the choirs sing in the streets, go to Trafalgar Square to see its large Christmas tree.

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