Our 5 Favorite Viewpoints in Barcelona

As Ed Sheeran would say «let's pretend we are dancing in the street in Barcelona«. Because the Catalan city is one of the most visited in Spain and it is not surprising, since walking through its streets we can find everything from medieval to modernist neighborhoods, passing through contemporary architecture, markets, gardens... and even take a tour of our 5 favorite viewpoints in Barcelona.

What better way to end? Barcelona in one day What about going to visit any of these viewpoints?

1. Carmel Bunkers 

A must when it comes to viewpoints in Barcelona! They have a lot of history (it has a whole area of anti-aircraft batteries belonging to the Spanish Civil War) and many of the places on the Turó de la Rovira hill have spectacular views of Barcelona. It is the perfect combination of elevated views and proximity to the city center!

2. Colom Viewpoint

This viewpoint was inaugurated in 1888 on the occasion of the Universal exposition and it was dedicated to Christopher Columbus when he returned from his trip through American lands. Furthermore, despite being a slightly narrower viewpoint, its location and the 360º views of the city make this site impressive!

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3. Park Güell

Due to its large influx of tourists, it is advisable to buy tickets to Pack Güell in advance.

Until now considered asone of the best viewpoints in the city! In addition to green areas and many works by architect Antoni Gaudí, Park Güell has spectacular views of the Gràcia neighborhood and the Sagrada Familia. In short, a more than obligatory visit every time we travel to Barcelona.


He National Museum of Art of Catalonia It's a whole box of surprises! It not only houses its spectacular collection of Romanesque art, but also the best views of the city from its viewing terrace. If we buy the ticket to the museum itself, access to the terrace is included; If we don't buy it, they will charge us a small amount of 2 euros to access it, although the truth is that the views are very similar from the museum entrance, with the difference that from here we can observe the city completely free.

5. Montjüic Castle

And if, in addition to knowing the city's viewpoints, we discover the hidden corners of Barcelona?

Since formerly the Montjüic Castle It was mainly used to defend the city, today It has 360º views of Barcelona and a height of 175 meters above the port. Not only that, but a visit to the castle is worth it if only to visit its various exhibitions.

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