The Best Beaches of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria It is without a doubt the ideal destination to enjoy good weather, sun, tourism and spectacular beaches. And the best of all? Which is just a couple of hours away by plane! Can you ask for anything more? Of course, it has so many beaches that we won't even know which ones to go to. So, how about we sit down, take out a pencil and paper and do a little research on what they are? the best beaches of Gran Canaria? Surely this way we save a lot of time in our trip to canaryyes!

Puerto Rico Beach

What better way to end a day at the beach than with a boat party?

It is the first artificial one on the entire island, located next to the Marina and the well-known Amadores Beach. In addition, there are many options to enjoy your stay on Puerto Rico Beach. Since we can enjoy both the typical sun and beach tourism in impressive waters, as well as another day of leisure, partying and entertainment with friends, since it has numerous restaurants, shopping centers, walks... around it.

English beach

One of the most famous and recommended beaches on this island if we decide to do it! Gran Canaria in one day! Numerous shopping centers, hotels, apartments and a multitude of attractions especially focused on tourists have been built there.

Likewise, the sand on this beach is very fine and golden and it is a place that has a large number of different accesses, as well as the blue flag recognition. And what is this? Well, this flag tells us that it is one of the highest quality beaches in the entire country.

Maspalomas beach

What are we hungry for? Well, in Maspalomas we can find the best and most typical restaurants for groups in Gran Ganaria 

Maspalomas Beach is one of the most incredible areas in all of Gran Canaria, since It has very fine and shiny sand and spectacular dunes which in contrast with the sea make up impressive views. It is a tourist beach that has a large number of attractions in the southern area of Gran Canaria. Maspalomas, is the perfect place for all of us who love the beach and nature, but without ever leaving fun aside.

Amadores Beach

Located in the southwest of the coast of the island of Gran Canaria, Playa de Amadores is a beach with crystal-clear waters, which stands out for its tranquility. Also, it's not really a beach, but rather It is a large artificial pool of white sand, which is a perfect combination since we can be far from the shore, without the water covering us, protected from the wind and the ocean, thus making it a very quiet beach.

And here are the best beaches in Gran Canaria, shall we go?

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