Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Seville

MY WEAPON! What do you think if we combine the best of several worlds? Bachelorette party, Seville and awesome time! Well, if we organize the bachelorette party in Seville, this is more than possible! Furthermore, since this day has to be at least unforgettable, we have been thinking about several ideas for a bachelorette party in Seville, so we can see which one best suits our friend.

And since surprises must be the order of any bachelorette party, what do you think if we review these 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party?

beauty party

Who said taking care of yourself and pampering yourself wasn't fun? And better yet, in a totally exclusive plan for us! We mean an entire makeup, manicure and pedicure plan in one unforgettable experience!beauty party! We will be able to choose from a wide variety of packs and treatments that we will enjoy while we prepare for the night, to the rhythm of a drink and our favorite songs! Who's signing up? 

Bollywood Workshop

Everyone ready to move your skeleton to Bollywood rhythms and belly dancing! Because the second idea we have is going to make us at least move our hips, can you ask for something more fun for a bachelorette party than a bollywood workshop? Not only will we have the choreography prepared for that farewell night, but for the wedding day itself, because there will be no excuse not to go out on the dance floor to give everything hand in hand with the bride. 

Boat party

Can you think of a better idea to enjoy the “special color” of Seville than enjoying a boat party in Seville? The time has come to get on board and enjoy the best music and the best company while we sail the Guadalquivir, a totally different way of walking and getting to know the Andalusian capital! We start at 9:30 p.m. and finish at 2:00 a.m. Is there a better way to start the night?

Art on all 4 sides

Are you looking to celebrate a bachelorette party in Seville in the purest Sevillian style? Let's put on our best suits, take all our art and get to know Seville, it's been said! Whether enjoying a gymkhana or riding a buggy. A plan for all tastes and ages that will make this bachelorette party the most original and fun! Let's go?

Our friends at Eclipse Sevilla know the city inside out and are specialists in putting together farewells in the purest Sevillian style. So if you are looking for a 10 experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: 954043707 – 671 326 693


Private spa

We recognize that sometimes, in addition to partying, it is also very good to escape for a while and take advantage of those minutes of relaxation to catch up on your friends' lives, since you probably don't see each other as much as you would like.
Therefore, a very great idea is to reserve a private spa just for you, grab your bikinis and forget about everything that is not you for a few hours.
I'm sure that once you finish the experience you will be much more relaxed.

pub crawl

If we see that we still have strength left, what do you think about going through Seville in one day?

Who's up to see the most emblematic spots of Seville's nightlife? Well, let's fasten our seatbelts, because this bar crawl It promises to be only suitable for the bravest. We will start at 11:00 p.m. and we will dedicate ourselves to discovering three great bars in the capital as well as one of its best nightclubs.

Dinner with show

The preliminaries to a night out begin with dinner, so choosing a good farewell restaurant It is so important. With a show, haute cuisine or traditional…

The best of plans for a farewell night! The perfect combination of typical local dishes, rebujito and a night full of shows. A whole night of no worries and lots of fun, that's what it's like in Seville! And so it is a dinner with show in the purest Andalusian style! Who is coming?


Nights of glamour, mornings of salsa and hangovers! A limousine through the center of Seville It is the perfect plan to show off on a night as special as a bachelorette party. All this, to the rhythm of lambrusco or cava, depending on what we prefer! Furthermore, if we want we can rent it both during the day and at night, whatever suits us all best.

pole dancing

If you are that type of group that likes to try different things... the pole dance workshop It is an absolute success.
Surely most of them have never tried it and don't know how fun it is. I turn here, I turn there, we hang, leg up and let's dance!
Laughter in this workshop is more than guaranteed... what at first seems almost impossible, after 90 minutes becomes a beautiful, completely mastered choreography.
Get the streetlights and any type of bar ready!


Surely in your group there is the typical friend who does not leave her camera alone, and if the city of Seville is one thing, it is that it is very Instagrammable, which is why the selfie stick is one of the favorite accessories of tourists who They walk through its streets.
Since we love memories and knowing everything about the city we visit, we have organized a Photoshoot through the best-known and not-so-known sites of Seville!

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