Cadiz In One Day

The girl Pastori already said it in her famous song, and the magic that hides that little corner they call is inexplicable. Cai. Located in the south of Spain, the little silver cup, as it is also popularly known, is the oldest city in Western Europe. To get there, in addition to the car, you have the alternative of taking the train or flying to the airport of Jerez or Seville, which are half an hour and an hour away, respectively, from the city. Ready to tour Cadiz in one day?

In the morning

The first obligatory visit of the morning will be the Plaza de San de Dios, or in other words, the Town Hall. The atmosphere that is breathed in this square will be the first sign that will tell you that this city is going to hook you. Behind the town hall is what is the oldest neighborhood in Spain, Populo.. Although it has a medieval appearance due to a reconstruction carried out by Alfonso Do you like history? After a visit through its narrow and cobbled streets, and having crossed the three arches that give entrance, we cannot forget to visit the Roman theater. It has been closed to the public for restoration works for several years, but if you find the key point, you will enjoy a spectacular frontal view of what was once the Roman theater of the city, a place where Julius Caesar himself went more than an occasion.

After leaving the neighborhood, having previously taken a look at the old Cathedral and the palace-house of Admiral Diego de Barrio Leal, commander of the Indies fleet, You will come across the new Cathedral, Santa Cruz de las Aguas.

The “new” Cathedral of Cádiz (new in quotes because it dates back to 1722) is enclosed in a bohemian plaza where you can stop and enjoy a few beers in one of the many bars that surround it. If you are lovers of sweets, this is your time: Don't leave there without visiting the Casa Hidalgo pastry shop., where the best “bombas de Cádiz” are served, an explosion, never better said, of delicious chocolate.

Leaving the cathedral behind us and continuing along the mythical Compañía Street we will find ourselves in Plaza Topete. Butt? They will respond with a surprised look if you ask about her. This is due to For the people of Cádiz this square is “the Plaza de las Flores”. The reason? All the shops in the square sell various types of flowers throughout the year.

Where to eat

Being in the city we are in, it will be completely inevitable to leave it without first having tried its delicious “fried fish.” Just to the left of the Plaza de las Flores we will find the central Abastos market. This place next to Calle de la Virgen de la Palma (located in the Barrio de la Viña) or Plaza del “Tío de la Tiza” are the places that I strongly advise you to visit for both lunch and dinner. What will you find? In addition to the Pescaíto, don't even think about leaving Cádiz without having first tried the puntatillitas, the dogfish in adobo, the Payoyo cheese made in the Sierra Gaditana and some tasty shrimp omelettes! Here you can find a whole list of restaurants in Cádiz where you can eat their typical dishes.

In the afternoon

With a full belly you can now continue your route through the carnival neighborhood of La Viña. If you have never heard of Cadiz Carnival, there's nothing more to talk about, you already have a plan with your colleagues for the month of February! This popular festival that the people of Cadiz celebrate has nothing to do with the great carnival events that are celebrated in cities like Rio de Janeiro or in Tenerife itself. In Cádiz you will not find sensual women dancing in parades full of color. A lot of “joy” or art awaits you here, as they say.

After walking through the alleys of this neighborhood, where without a doubt the purest and most authentic people of the original Cádiz live, we will go to the Oratory of San Felipe Neri, the building where the first Spanish constitution, better known as “la Pepa”, was signed. . Once we have crossed off all these monuments and places to take into account from our list, we will fly out to search The real reason why Cádiz attracts thousands of tourists every year, the beach!

Being in the old town, The only one you can visit is, without a doubt, the most beautiful, the Caleta beach.. Guarded by the Castles of San Sebastian and Santa Catalina and shaped like a shell, the sand of La Caleta supports the Balneario de la Palma: a beautiful white semicircular building that today houses temporary art exhibitions. This will be the right time to enjoy the light that the city gives off, its crystalline waters and, of course, its spectacular sunsets. Not everything was going to be walking! 😉

At night

To round off a great day, I advise you to go find the two most sought-after venues for their live music every night: the cafe theater PayPay, located at the entrance to the populo neighborhood, and the Pelican, where the musical genres to listen to vary from Rock to the deepest flamenco. The latter, where you can also taste great tapas, is anchored in front of the sea, so From its terrace you can feel how the humidity penetrates your bones while you enjoy a good concert and, of course, a good Maier, Cadiz beer!

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